Romney Makes America Consider Going White

The Liberals were going to have a negative reaction to whomever Romney picked for VP. But Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan is a real slap in the face of the Liberals who would do anything to extend the job of America’s failed half-black president. Can you say “race card?”

In today’s politically-correct environs, it takes male genitalia the size of Alaska to put two “lily white guys” on the ticket. What next? Will Romney throw Obama down and color his grey hair black?

In 2008 Obama needed to shore up the “stupid white people vote,” so he pandered to his base…stupid white people. The result was Obama picked a stupid white man as VP. I’m sure the Left expected Romney to pander on his VP pick as well, and to select a black woman or perhaps a Hispanic (gender not specific). But Romney went totally “white bread” and picked a white dude, and a fully qualified one at that.

There is hardly a Democrat alive who is not wondering if Biden will get to stay on the 2012 ticket. Many Lefties secretly hope that the 65-year old hang-on-her-husband’s-coattail reject from 2008 can save the day.  Such is the confidence in America’s first black Vice-President.

Ryan however is different. He offers much more than a validation of Romney’s ability to pick a good VP with the lagniappe of the pimp-slap to Obama and his bots. This is because Ryan has a budget plan; something Obama is sorely lacking, and a brain, something Biden is sorely lacking.

The selection of Ryan allows Romney to move the discussion away from nonsense, like contraception, and back to the REAL issues, like Obama garnering America 3rd-World nation status.

With Ryan on board, Obama can no longer set the election strategy. Worse yet, Obama knows that the time has come to defend his dismal record, as if that is remotely possible. Romney now has Ryan to brag about him, a qualified wing man, who will grab much of the headlines and spotlight leading into the RNC convention and beyond.

“Hey America, did you know how successful my boss has been? The other guy hitting on you is mortgaged to the hilt and most of his friends are in JAIL!”

Defending Obama’s achievements may sound like a broken record, but that’s because the Left needs that to sound cliché. Only a fool would question Obama’s RESULTS! As Obama might put it:

“Don’t question MY record, don’t ask for MY credentials, don’t hold ME to scrutiny. All that is for the other guy. We must move FORWARD.”

Moving forward for Obama means, “Don’t look back!” And with good reason. Looking back just allows that $16T boogeyman to bite you in your bunghole. And if that boogeyman doesn’t get you, assorted other boogeyman are in hot pursuit, namely ObamaTAX, the price of groceries, gasoline, payroll tax increases, and so on.

Obama’s record has resulted in an ultimatum for America: Either jump off this 30-story building or I’ll have a Mexican cartel bandito blow your brains out with one of Holder’s Fast and Furious assault rifles.

What should disturb both the Left is Obama ability to rationalize the state of America. He takes no blame for the situation we find ourselves in, and all he wants us to do is to bet on his ability to make it better. A community agitator wants us to believe he has things under control, as if he can control the chaos that he has created.

Meanwhile, back at the algae farm sits Obama’s disciples read from the Book of Barack, as they rub their butts and play smell my finger. None of them have a clue how to help the hapless rube for whom they must show unwavering devotion, at least publicly. Lucky for them, they don’t face tough campaigns that rode the nebulous mantra of “hope and change.” Regardless, many of them have read the “Tea Party” leaves, and are asking for the desk closest to the door.

Obama’s former sycophants don’t like his campaign strategy: Demonize success.

Obama wants to convince people that an amazingly successful governor, successful businessman, successful charitable, church-going family man can’t replace a marijuana-smoking, hide –my-transcribe faux intelligentsia. Considering Obama gave himself an A- for F performance, you can understand why he won’t show his grade.

Romney’s “problems” according to Obama are (1) Romney has a proven track record of accomplishment, and (2) Romney now has a competent Vice President. The Democrats’ can only hope will be to paint Ryan as the lunatic who would do anything for Daddy Warbucks. Ryan is the Vice President who can’t be trusted with the “red button.” And Joe Biden can?

Romney has challenged Leftist America make a choice between an accomplished white man and an unaccomplished neophyte. On Nov 6, 2012 America will know the answer to “once you go black.”

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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