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What Biden Meant

Biden believes that Liberal black Democrats are stupid. And who could blame him, given the evidence. It doesn’t matter what Democrats say or do, they get the black vote. So when Biden commented that Romney “wants to put y’all back in CHAINS,” he figured that was the applause line for his largely black audience.

“Thank you Massa Biden for stoppin’ Romney from puttin’ us black folks back to da CHAINS!”

It wasn’t even so much what Biden said, but how he said it. Biden sounded like he was a black Baptist minister at a revival, preaching about the devil. How racist and elitist of Biden to say something so ignorant and demeaning! Biden proved yet again that Democrats are constantly looking to invoke the race card. They will use any means necessary, even if it means taking black folks down memory lane to reminisce about the atrocities of DEMOCRATS! What next; a post-911photo op in Air Force One over the Statue of Liberty and the citizens of New York, F-16 in tow?

Memo to Joe Biden:  Much of the demographic that supports him and Barack don’t use banks. They use payday loan businesses and pawn shops. So if anybody should be scared of Romney taking over the banks, it’s not black folks or Mexicans for that matter. So if Romney gets control of the banks, about the worst thing that will happen is blacks and Mexicans will get the fees to their debit cards increased.  Oh wait…that’s already happened under Obama-Biden.

But there is good news for black people fearful of going back into chain.  Russell Simmons will come to the rescue with the RushCard, “The easy, convenient, secure alternative to a bank.”

The RushCard comes in two versions: BabyPhat and Diamond, and it’s even tied to healthcare.

For $0.99 a week, you can get additional healthcare coverage, and the fees will be deducted from your RushCard. Yes, using your OWN money, you can get a PRE-PAID card from the bank of Russell Simmons. Pay the RushCard’s exorbitant fees ($3.95 up to $13.95), and you to have all the conveniences “white banks”…for FREE! Or as Russell Simmons puts it, “No hidden charges.

One would think that with a name like “RushCard,” Simmons would have gotten the great Rush Limbaugh as his spokesperson. Hard to believe that Limbaugh would turn down such an opportunity, if offered? In light of Biden’s latest comment, I can only guess that negotiations are underway to secure him as spokesperson.

Instead of Biden spending so much time attaching Big Banks, I suggest he take a look at what the “little banks” like RushCard are doing to black people. Russell Simmons and his unofficial spokesperson can defend Simmon’s bank, because the RushCard doesn’t charge “insufficient funds” fees. Kind of difficult to charge an insufficient funds fee to yourself. Truth in advertising.

But it’s safe to say that Russell Simmons won’t be accused of trying to put black people back in chains. Black Liberals are too smart to fall for that?! Nor will a half-black Senator-turned-President who gave large sums of money to banks (and about everybody else) be accused of putting black people back in chains. That’s because only rich white Republicans can put black people back in chains.

Who knows; if Romney is elected, he may even require valid ID for black people to have bank accounts. How racist would that be?

Thank God that Biden has reminded black America what could happen to us. How did we survive without racist, elitist white Democrats to fight for our rights!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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