Clintons – Masters of the Obvious

The Clintons – Masters of the Obvious, by Kevin Jackson

How would you like having to ask, no beg your arch nemesis to save your butt? That’s exactly what Barack Obama has done…twice.

First, Obama asked Hillary Clinton to become VP. There is no official record of this; however everybody knows that Hillary becoming VP was the subject of their recent meeting.  Obama needed to correct his first[1] bad decision as the potential Commander in Chief, and that is the selection of the most embarrassing Vice President in the history of the Republic.

Living with Michelle must have been nothing in comparison to what Obama found himself forced to do in groveling to Hillary Clinton. Personally I wouldn’t think that amount of suck-up could exist for a narcissist like Obama. He did have some help, however. Because the road to Bootlick had been paved with Biden-gold[2]. The VP had been magnanimous to Hillary even back to the first campaign, saying that Hillary could be president.  And on occasion he has implied that he would gladly step aside, if Obama wanted it, needed it. Well Obama wanted and needed it.

I’m just speculating, but I suggest to you that in this meeting [that didn’t occur] Hillary heard Barack out, trying desperately to remain professional. She released a big sigh, as she rose from the chair where presidents sit. Then she likely calmly walked out of the room saying nothing, leaving Barack in the situation of his own creation. A SNABU: Situation Normal All Barack’d Up.

I speculated that Hillary would become VP in Obama’s second term, with the guarantee that if Obama won, he would resign at some point, early on. This would all Hillary to become the first female president. There was a wrinkle, however.

Given that Obama is the first black president, though only half-white, and the first Muslim president, though he claims he’s Christian, and has been deemed the first gay president, though he says he’s straight, I suspect that Hillary became suspect. Obama could just as easily be declared himself is the first female president. Deal-breaker.

The decline of the non-offer, by Hillary left Obama with very few options. The Democrats are a certifiable disaster of Category 5 hurricane proportions.  There is nobody on deck for the Democrats, because they essentially bet the farm on Obama. He was supposed to be so inspirational that the Democrats would have decades to groom new bureaucrats. The Republicans would have no answer to the polished, Harvard grad, who happened to look more black than white.

What a difference a four years and a public record makes.

Obama has himself between Barack and a hard place. And his slogan may be FORWARD, but for help, he had to look BACKWARDS. But Bill Clinton to the rescue?

Why not!

Obama wants Bill Clinton, because ironically Obama seeks “the old white guy vote.” {pause so you may finish laughing}.

Check out the 4:20 mark

The very vote that the Democrats have worked hard to disparage is now the vote Obama seeks. And it is pathetic that Obama asked a white man who Liberal blacks consider the “first black president” to help Obama, the real first half-black president find his “whiteness.”

What next? Will Obama ask Clinton to teach him how to moonwalk?

In business and politics, hope is usually not a strategy. For Obama however, hope is a strategy yet again, and this time he’s gone to the source. Hope, AR.

Obama’s “hope” strategy this election is that a man who doesn’t like him can provide cover for Obama’s bad policies, and that the public will buy this farce.

It is such common knowledge that Bill Clinton doesn’t like Obama, that even the mainstream media covers it. The New York Post reported here, that Clinton has not been very complimentary of Obama:

“A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,” Clinton is quoted as saying in “Game Change,” by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

Clinton’s speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, isn’t until Wednesday night — but the former president is getting attention for remarks he has already made.

He has, for example, called Obama “incompetent” and “an amateur” who has no clue about how the world operates, according to an article in Sunday’s Post by Edward Klein, author of “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.”

“Obama doesn’t know how to be president,” Clinton told friends and political advisers last year, the article added. “He doesn’t know how the world works.”

Bill Clinton certainly didn’t throw Obama a life vest with those past comments. Yet here he is, standing up for Obama. What could possibly be in it for the Clintons?

There is speculation that Clinton really doesn’t want Obama to win, so Clinton’s upcoming speech may have a few back-handed compliments.  Then again, Clinton could play it straight “FORWARD.” One thing is for sure, however; Obama had to grovel.

America’s first recognized black president is being paraded around on a leash by the Clintons, the quintessential Southern Dixiecrats; shadier than a 100-year old oak.  Once again the Southern Dixiecrats get to show the black man who the real bosses are. I think for the Clintons, that is satisfaction enough.

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Kevin Jackson is an Amazon best-selling author, an award winning blogger, and a syndicated radio show host.

[1] Of MANY!

[2] Fool’s Gold

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