Obama uses Black Magic

Obama needs you to believe in black magic. Because that is the only way you can accept his administration’s fictitious job growth and subsequent unemployment rate. No white Republican president would dare try to sell such nonsense.

Obama is perpetrating a blatant “in your face” lie to the American public. He’s is strutting around butt naked, and daring you to laugh at his…{clears throat} “nakedness.”

In a time when job creation can’t maintain equilibrium, the economy suddenly got a bump of 800K+ jobs? Either we purchased some productive part of Asia, or Obama instructed his Labor Department secretary to pull those jobs from between her roomy Latina butt cheeks.

One month before the most important election in American history, the unemployment rate miraculously dips below 8 percent. All praises to Allah for that. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Obama’s new policy: Just make stuff up.

I’m thinking out loud here, but 7.8 percent unemployment is not something over which to spike the football. If I recall correctly, didn’t Obama inherit an unemployment “mess” of 7.8 percent from Bush? We spent $1.4T to watch unemployment remain flat? At least we know what failure costs.

The timing of this announcement is even more incredulous however, when you consider that we get the news of the magical jobs creating the magical rate on the heels of the Lockheed issue that Obama will try to magically make disappear.

Recently we learned that the Obama administration asked evil capitalist and defense contractor Lockheed to delay announcement of layoffs, thus subjecting itself to sequestration. Just so I’m being clear, understand that the person in charge of the nation’s economy, Obama asked a business not to follow the rules and to withhold evidence of his failure.

What failure? Obama’s failure to be a white. Everybody knows that Lockheed would not have even considered announcing layoffs had Obama admitted not been black.

Republicans will spin this differently. They will claim that these layoffs at Lockheed (and elsewhere) were due to Obama’s policies. The Republican argument will be that under WARN, companies are required to alert employees within 60 days (some case up to 90 days) of a potential layoff. This is so employees might have a chance to seek employment elsewhere, or make a host of other potential preventative life-changing moves. If a company fails to follow the guidelines of WARN, they are subject to paying the severance costs.

I know it is difficult to believe that in the robust economy that Obama has created that companies could even consider laying off, particularly defense contractors. I suspect that after Obama dispatched Osama bin Laden, these organizations knew the writing was on the wall.

There is the demand of sequestration and the potential mandatory 15 percent cut in the military budget. This budget cut came just in time for Arab Spring, and the imminent peace in the Middle East. Thankfully America has a black president of Muslim descent or how would we have access to the black magic to make everything right? God is good!

Because if a white president tried these strategies, well he would be considered foolish. America will no longer tolerate white presidents lying behind our backs, when we have a black president willing to lie to our faces. That’s boldness. America’s black leader said he would be transparent, and these lies are obvious.

Obama told us that we are in a recovery, so dog gone it, “He’s good enough, He’s smart enough, and like it or not, for Obama, this is a recovery!”

In case you’re wondering what’s next, Lockheed won’t actually have to pay the fine. It’s nickel night at the brothel, and we’ve earned a pocket full of them, Princess. Our bold black president Obama struck a deal with them, so WE get the bill.

And why shouldn’t we pay for it. Obama inherited this mess. You are the mess. So what you didn’t build that, you’re certainly going to pay for it.

Because nobody is promised success, except America’s first black president.

© 2012 – Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere LLC – All Rights Reserved

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