Romney Mops Floor with Obama

Though the Obama team remains exuberant over the endorsement of Obama for re-election by Hugo Chavez, don’t expect them to ride the wave of that approbation into the debate tonight. Obama knows that Romney is going to mop the floor with him.

Obama began pre-debate prep with the debate technique of lowering expectations. Obama got a pass in the past in debates with McCain, and this, along with the lack of a DNC challenger this time around has left the silver-tongued statesman in a precarious situation.

Obama is a weak debater. That fact was disguised by the fact that McCain was worse. “Straight Talk” McCain was little more than a cantankerous old fart, whose goat was easier to get than probation for Lindsay Lohan.

The Right was so anxious to beat the guy we knew would ruin the country that we were running around America acting like McCain was a Chippendale dancer. We wanted, needed our messiah equivalent.

Talk about desperate. So desperate in fact, that we chose the anti-messiah, ergo the prototypical old, white, establishment Republican. A technicality, we hoped.

Because the guy he would face was an inexperienced neophyte who had done nothing except cheat and connive to get ahead. Surely we could beat that. We didn’t know our former military warrior was a cream puff in disguise and would not fight. Sigh.

Obama was brilliant in his prep for McCain. Obama eliminated the Muslim name issue by bringing it up; repeatedly. Obama appeared multi-cultural, though he is nothing more than a white man “acting out” against his white mother. Precocious teenager with an identity crisis:

“Mom, I’m black…because I want to be. If Elizabeth Warren can be a fake Indian, then I can be a fake black!”

In the debates, McCain came off exactly as Obama and his team scripted. The person who was supposed to be the experienced statesman looked like bumbling Uncle John who has one foot on the grave and another on a banana peel. But in retrospect, what did we possibly expect from McCain?

At his core McCain is a military guy, rigid in his code. And McCain is cocky, as most fighter pilots are. McCain doesn’t like to be challenged, but he won’t fight, preferring to follow rules; ultimately he failed in debating Obama, and became Obama’s old white Republican floor mat.

Obama has no rules for debate. He wants his opponent to think it a boxing match with Marquis of Queensbury rules, when in fact it’s a no-holds-barred bar brawl where other people do Obama’s fighting. For Obama, the fight needs to be won before he takes the stage, because Obama fights like a sissy.

Sissies don’t tell the truth, which is why Obama won’t. Obama will lie like Sandra Fluke at a frat house party. He will proclaim that he is net-positive in job creation. Obama then will lie by omission about the jobs he lost; he will lie with qualifiers, blaming other.  Finally he will like just for the fun of it.

But this time it won’t work.

In Obama’s debates with McCain, many Leftists were just happy they had found a black-appearing white man who could “articulate.” That’s honestly all it took. Those fools never analyzed what Obama was saying, because it was drivel, grandiose but vague drivel. That drivel is now seen for what it is, derivatives of great speeches by white men, mostly Republicans who have gone before him.

Even the Left realizes that Obama is all words;  stolen words in context and form, but not commitment. Moreso, they realize that Obama is a buffoon, too dumb to surround himself with smart people—a necessity to prevent exposing their boss.
You can follow the rigged polls about likability and such, but one thing will be abundantly clear in this debate: Romney is remarkably more presidential than Obama.

When you have sat in as many board rooms as Romney, you are comfortable in the art of the deal. After the pre-fight jitters, for Romney, this will be “business as usual.” Romney is comfortable presenting big deals.  He knows the material, unlike Obama who must constantly study. Obama doesn’t know it cold.

Those who can, do; those who can’t, fake it. – B. Obama (ok K. Jackson)

In case you wonder why at times Obama looks uncomfortable behind the podium, his lack of real core knowledge is the reason. Surrogates put things in the teleprompter and Obama reads, and not always for comprehension.

At this debate Obama will look like he did in his visit to the UN where he presided over the General Assembly.  Obama demeanor looked like America was participating in “Send Your Child to Work Day.” Obama was playing president, not being president. Nothing has changed.

Romney will not have that problem.

Romney may not move his mouth like a $5000 a night call-girl, but he knows what he’s talking about. You can’t run a company like Bain as an empty suit. Romney will recognize the smell of Obama’s BS at this debate. And I am confident that he will use Obama to mop the floor.

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