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The Gloves are Off

The 2012 election is over and you have now seen the buttocks of the enemy. America again got mooned by the Left.

How on Gore’s green earth can a miscast misfit like Obama could possibly beat a qualified candidate in Mitt Romney with Obama’s record? It’s simply not possible in the real world.

As you might have figured out, we no longer live in the real world. We live in a world where Republicans proved to be peckerless roosters crowing around the barnyard, waking everybody up at 2 AM for nothing. Why bother to have elections, when it’s easier to anoint kings.

The Republicans have no answer to the Left and for the most part are not concerned with solving the problems that we face routinely from the Left; like winning the youth and minority vote. When it comes to elections, Republicans are content to win some, lose some, while the Left has a long-term strategy of creating a communist utopia that we will eventually just call “Hell Hole,” and they fight for every seat with reckless abandon.

I’m sick of relying on Republicans, as if they know what they are doing. It’s time for a new direction and new ideas in the Republican Party, and they need to come from the people, not the party.

We will get one more shot at the ships of fools occupied by Obama and his administration. That’s because Obama’s economy over the next 4 years will be bad.

How bad?

Think “Whoopi Goldberg as a mail-order bride” bad {I apologize for that imagery, but it is for your own good}.

Expect more rampant unemployment; Iran will develop the bomb, China will torpedo the dollar, and the Arabs will continue to profit from Obama crony capitalism policy on green energy and red ink. And that’s the good news. All will be well, as far as Obama is concerned, because America will go to hell in a “made in Bangladesh” Obamabasket.

Your assignment—if you choose to accept it—is to survive it long enough to say I told you so. And while you can, go buy enough monkey wrenches to toss at the politicians to help upset the banana cart.

So what Reince Priebus raised a lot of money and talked a lot of crap. In the end he ate his own doo-doo sandwich. The RNC rode the coattails of the Tea Party and got no draft. Priebus spent a fortune doing the same ol’ same ol’ and he didn’t improve what the Tea Party had done 2 years earlier.

But don’t expect any bold moves by the RNC. They won’t reconsider their strategy, the losing strategy; because they are delusional enough to believe that it was they who won in 2010. They believe their archaic methodology—disregard youth and minorities—wins elections.
Talk about the predictable playbook.

• Rule #1 – Fight like sissies.
• Rule #2 – See Rule #1

Romney ran a decent campaign, but his wingman, the RNC was a punk. The RNC is supposed to run hard-hitting ads that are vicious in exposing Obama’s policy errors. Instead the RNC made attack-dog Joe Biden look competent by comparison.

The Republicans were supposed to make sure that only VALID votes got counted. Instead we were left, yet again with electile dysfunction. Obama lost every state with valid voter ID and won those without it. You do the fraudulent math.

The Republicans’ ineffective campaign has America going backwards by way of FORWARD. They couldn’t beat a campaign that hid the subtle message of going “straight.” So we were left stranded in San Francisco’s Castro district giving hummers for cab fare home.

How many times have we encouraged the Republican Party to think outside the box to bring a new audience to the Republican Party? How many times have they done it? Exactly.

We should be funding projects and programs that will make a REAL difference. The Republicans have funded practically NO youth and minority outreach, certainly not any that have garnered positive results or better yet, positive press.  $1B spent this election cycle to remain at status quo.
Am I pissed, yes. But not at the low-life Liberals. I expect them to lie, cheat, and steal to promote their racism, sexism, and other BSisms. I have learned that Liberals are essentially putrid brain-dead morons, too stupid to react to pain. But I expected more from the Republicans.

Such was my mistake. The biggest enemy to conservatism is expecting either of these parties to carry their share of the water. Inherently they are both prostitutes who got us to carry the water only to screw us out of it. Stay thirsty, my friends…

It’s time for effective leadership, and not more bipartisan feasting at the public trough. The gloves are off over the next 4 years, and the grass roots will be equal opportunity ass kickers.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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