Meet Fiscal Cliff

The fiscal cliff is the government’s fear that taxpayers discover that we have the power to cut them off financially. Whether you like Bush or not, at least he recognized that the government is just the middle-man, and they work for us. Liberals believe the opposite.

We jumped off the fiscal cliff a while back. Government stopped caring what we thought decades ago. We only get glimpses of political sanity, when it comes to reduction in taxes. Generally speaking government taxes, then taxes some more, and it never quits spending.

Our Gross Debt to GDP Ratio 105.13 percent. This means if the government taxed us 100 percent, we could not pay our debt, which as of this writing was around $16,067,580,487,904. Tax revenue is $2,431,400,318,190. The debt per citizen is $51,648, and the debt per taxpayer $141,734. If you are reading this, the likelihood is you are a taxpayer, taking care of at least two “citizens.” I suggest you investigate a subscription for Damitol.

Obama and other elitist Liberals will do anything to keep the money spigot wide open. Your money is what they use to buy off the thieves who keep the elite entrenched in power. It is for this reason debt is rewarded. Paying your bills and living within your means is crazy in Obama’s America. Debt keeps one needy. Liberals don’t really believe we can spend our way out of debt. But what they do know is if we stop spending, they will have to face the reality of decades of Liberalism that has led to communism. If they stop feeding the zombies, the zombies will feed on them. Fiscal policy problems do not solve themselves. The bingo caller at does not just call out your magic number and suddenly you’re a winner. That only works for games. This is not a game. Instead, the Federal debt just builds and builds.

So Liberals kick the can.

Remember PAYGO? It was part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990. This required any new government to be offset by budget cuts or tax increases. Congress waived PAYGO in 2008 for “stimulus,” and again in 2009 for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which essentially raised the debt ceiling.

Obama signed “new and improved” PAYGO in 2010 with several “major policy exemptions.” He had no intention of honoring PAYGO. Because when you have no budget and rule with executive orders, PAYGO is of no consequence anyway. PAYGO amounted to a cute little name for a program that accomplishes the goal of separating you from your money, and making you feel good.

Politicians use terms like meltdowns, cliffs, brinks, stagnation, or whatever, all political footballs designed to keep you from noticing that your pockets are being picked. Consider the latest term, “sequestration.”

The 2011 Budget Control Act required “sequestration” or automatic spending cuts. This allows politicians to threaten the military, the elderly, and children in the event you don’t allow them to disregard PAYGO. The outcome is a higher “fiscal cliff.”

Imagine what would happen if Obama had to face an economy with real sequestration, where he had to start taking stolen items back from the thieves? He’s dangerously close to this, as there are more people in the wagon, than there are pulling the wagon. Obama’s new role as Commander in Grief is to find yet another creative way to blame Republicans.

Class warfare. Republicans love the rich, so demagogue that issue, while hiding the fact that most poor people (the 47%) want to be rich.

Obama note to self: Use super rich Hollywood people to sell his concept.

Obama knows there aren’t enough millionaires and billionaires to make a dent in this economy. He also knows that his policies won’t create jobs. The ripple effect of his bad policy decisions is already being felt during a time when America should be celebrating.

The stock market is about to make the eruption of Mount Vesuvius look like a food fight.  The wealthy are selling stocks in droves. They are also selling real estate, and some are even selling their companies in order to save millions of dollars. The wealthy are accelerating their incomes, so they can put their money in safer investments, safer than the U.S. economy that is.

The “less dumb” people in Obama’s administration are all implementing their exit strategies. Most didn’t think he would get re-elected. Regardless, they don’t want to be near ground zero, when the explosion occurs.

They know the real unemployment numbers and they see the trend lines. The week Obama was “declared the winner” of the election, 30,000+ jobs were lost. That’s just the beginning; the bigger losses are coming. Union companies will be hit the hardest, because their employees are the greediest. Look at Hostess, a situation where the unions would rather watch a company fail than make concessions.

Obama has implemented policies that will all but guarantee no economic productivity for the U.S. and its corporations now or for the future. If Obama didn’t want what Bush inherited, he certainly won’t like that white boogey man named Fiscal Cliff.

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