Waking up to the Obama Hangover

The first payroll checks reflecting the 2% increase in the FICA tax have been issued and cries of  “we’ve been tricked!” and “I didn’t expect this!” are already reverberating throughout the liberal blogosphere.

Throughout the election, liberals lined up behind their progressive poster boy and cheered on Barack Obama as he promised to force America’s top earners to “pay their fair share.”  His supporters hooted, they hollered, they reveled in the idea that their president would finally “even the playing field” and “spread the wealth around.” Obama voters placed so much faith in their president’s carefully crafted message, that when he told Americans there must be “a balanced approach to increasing federal revenue,” his supporters never imagined that he was targeting their wallets.  During the Vice Presidential debate when Paul Ryan looked straight into the camera and warned middle class America that “The tax bill is coming to you,” the President’s posse thought he was lying, or at the least fear mongering.  But then the paychecks came.

Joseph Curl of the Washington Times recently highlighted the reactions of liberals when they discovered that like 70% of Americans, they were getting the shaft from the administration.

We've been tricked - quotes

While one might think it gives conservatives great glee in mocking our low information voters for their gullibility and ignorance, the truth is we are equally outraged, if not more.  After all, unlike liberals, we were not blindsided by this tax increase.  When President Obama says “we must increase revenue,” conservatives recognize that as code language for “give me more of your hard-earned money.” Like a train wreck in slow motion, conservatives saw this tax hike coming down the pike and blaringly sounded the alarm.  Unfortunately, thanks to a blatantly biased media, and the President’s ability to vilify citizens living out the American Dream, 53% of the electorate were so entranced by the class warfare rhetoric that they voted to punish the “one percent,” even if it meant putting their own livelihoods in peril.

While the liberals whine about their decrease in take home pay, they are still doing what liberals do best – apologizing and making excuses for their president.

Why taxes went up

And it’s this very reaction that will make the fight against future tax hikes an uphill battle.  The liberals have made an art form of defending the President:

Slow economic growth and high joblessness…that’s the new normal.

Tell American business owners that “They didn’t build that?”…you took it out of context.

Point out that under this president, foodstamp dependency reaches record highs?…you’re racist.

Complain about the $16 trillion and growing in government debt?…It’s the War on Terror started by that war hawk Bush.

He’s nearly tripled the deficit…hey, he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression.

So at the end of the day, despite the 7.5 percent unemployment rate, the 54 million people living in poverty or the price of gas doubling in the past four years, there is nothing – no, not even raising taxes on the middle class – that can awaken the liberal voters from their progressive stupor.  They have sold out their personal freedom (and their grocery money) in the hopes that this president will use their tax dollars to usher in their progressive paradise.

While it might bring conservatives momentary pleasure to watch our liberal neighbors writhe and wriggle under the weight of their “unexpected” tax increase, we must remember that we are all Americans and this stinky economy affects us all.  So like a longsuffering parent dealing patiently with his wayward child, we will stay the course, keep hammering home the facts, and hopefully one day, break through the thick Occupy Wall Street skulls with the truth that liberty and taxes are mutually exclusive.

One can always dream, right?

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