President Obama’s Race Against His Own Race, Part I

And in this moment, under his breath, Mitt Romney let out his first "f" word...
And in this moment, under his breath, Mitt Romney let out his first “f” word…

This article was originally published shortly after Mitt Romney had wiped the floor with President Obama in the first debate. Ah, happier times…

President Obama is just another angry black guy. Welcome to debate performance excuse number 12. After Romney lying, Romney cheating with a napkin, a bad intelligence report right before the debate (which Romney would have also received), the “all-new” Mitt Romney, jet lag, and altitude sickness (way to go, Al), we now have the most recent and least plausible of them all: Avoid being an angry black guy.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a very high-ranking member of the local NAACP chapter here in Charleston for a “debate”, which turned out to be more of a polite discussion. My debate philosophy is the simple advice a lot kids got when they had stepped out of line: Choose the switch I whup you with. The Reverend, as we’ll call him, had said some controversial things before, but he is a very nice and kind man, and described me as, “the nicest TEA Party member he’d ever met”.

There’s no reason we can’t be civil. But he did reflect a sentiment of some of the fringe leftist media when explaining President Obama’s, ahem, lackluster, performance during last week’s debate. A debate, by the way, which seems to have taken on a life as a political entity outside of the merits of what was said, or even how it was said. He said that President Obama has to walk a fine line to come off as an “unthreatening” black man. Apparently, typical white people aren’t ready for a black man to profess what he believes with passion and sincerity. With all due respect to the Reverend, I disagree. The American public is ready for a black President (We’ve had one for four years now in case nobody noticed). What the American public is not ready for is an unabashedly liberal President.

The political left is in a state of forced self-reflection right now. Mitt Romney, who looks like everything a Republican should be to them, is running neck-and-neck with Mr. Hope and Change. That is not right. That is not normal. That is a political anomaly of black-hole proportions. The only thing I could compare it too would be Vice President Biden walking on to the V.P. debate stage in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and casually, articulately handing Paul Ryan his political and intellectual hindquarters. I’m no theologian, but that is some end-times warning stuff right there. Even Bill Maher would be praying.

And speaking of ‘ol Bill Maher, let’s address how Barack Obama came off in that debate. Perception met reality on that stage in Denver. President Obama’s team, including his SuperPAC, has spent the better part of a year turning a Mormon grandfather into a murderous robber baron. The President’s supporters were looking for that kind of fire. They were looking for fight. They wanted some passion, and they got it. The problem is they got it from Mitt Romney.

But there’s a deeper problem here, too. Close to 70 million people watched that debate, and while there is not a poll to measure, they wanted someone to tell them that the last four years were not the next four years. This debate, whether conservatives like myself want to admit it or not, was teed up for President Obama. He was ostensibly leading in the polls.  The media had completed the spin on Libya. Unemployment had approached 8%. And class warfare’s typical scapegoat, the Republican Party, was running a guy who was “out of touch”. But we can’t pretend the debate didn’t happen, thank God. America saw one candidate who was passionate and deeply concerned with their problems and the future of the country. They saw the other guy smirk.

To Be Continued in Part II…

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