President Obama’s Race Against His Own Race, Part II

Continued From Part I…

What could have been
You remember “Believe in America”? Yeah? Stop that.

So out come the defenses, including an America threatened by an angry black man.

That is, in a way, more racist than anything the TEA Party has ever said. So you are telling me all those voters who got behind Obama in 2008 put him in the White House so they wouldn’t meet him in a dark alley?

BullBiden. The America that elected Barack Obama was not just casually aware of his race. They were, and remain, acutely aware that the sitting President looks a little different from the previous 43. And in that, we have to compare him to other black “firsts”. Jackie Robinson, for example, didn’t break baseball’s color barrier, he stole home before it saw him. He was an amazing ballplayer until well into his 30s.

The Tuskegee Airmen, one of my favorite stories from World War II, were not just great black men, they were great pilots. The 54th Massachusetts regiment was not just an all-black army unit, but a damn fine army unit fighting racism and bigotry on both sides of that terrible conflict. The point? Whether we judge these men by the same standards as their predecessors, their contemporaries, or their successors, they are still great.

Jackie Robinson could hit in anyone’s lineup today, the Tuskegee Airmen could fly F-22 Raptors today, and the 54th Massachusetts? I would have sent them in on the first wave to Afghanistan. But what about President Obama? Well, the only way Jackie R. could have matched Barack O. in performance was if he stood on third base, waited for the next pitch, and ran right out into (ironically) left field.

History will write that Barack Obama has achieved a great thing. He has. History will conflate the TEA Party and the GOP with the folks who booed Jackie Robinson and called him racial epithets. They are not. If it must be acknowledged that there is a segment of this country that will never vote for President Obama because he is black. And there must be a segment that will always, unfailingly, vote for him because he is black. White elitist liberals, guilty whites, and even some black voters are going to line up for President Obama because of the color of his skin. This is unavoidable, and frankly, is a right this country has spilled too much blood for. But the whole “white people won’t vote for an angry black man” thing?

That is absolute rubbish.

First of all, President Obama is not pulling a reverse Michael Jackson. He is not becoming the first black President, he is the first black President. Forever. I, as a conservative white voter, am proud of a country that has gone from turning fire hoses on black people in the South to electing a black man to our highest office in the span of just one lifetime. Think about it: A man who is 50 years old today was born in an America where black people couldn’t drink from a white fountain, or sit at a white lunch counter, to an America where a black man can be elected President by a majority of voters. And the whole “majority” part is what flies in the face of the “angry black man” argument.

It’s a perfect liberal stew, if you think about it. All the key ingredients are there:

  1. Blame America.
  2. Call America racist.
  3. Inoculate President Obama from criticism.
  4. Add Basil
  5. Puree.

In 2008, President Obama mentioned some of the things he would like to accomplish. He actually said he wanted universal healthcare. Obamacare is now a reality. He said he wanted cap-and-trade. We are on our way, through EPA regulation that doesn’t have to work its way through Congress. He said he wanted to raise taxes on the rich (which he didn’t when he had the opportunity). Obamacare increases the Capital Gains rate, has hired thousands of new IRS agents, and has about 21 new taxes buried in it. He said he wanted government to be bigger (in not so many words), and our government is busting at the seams. His administration alone has added 11,000 new pages of regulations. He said these, and America listened. Some of us voted against him because of what he said, and some voted for him because of who was saying it.

Now, he has to recapture the 2008 magic. The problem is not that America is now more racially polarized. The problem may just be that we live in a post-racial America, outside of Democrat circles. For God’s sake, look what happened to Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and Allen West! I don’t recall a ton of liberals complaining that George w. Bush needed to be thrown out because he was white, but I do recall entire rallies, speeches, and indeed an animated sitcom based on the idea that he was an idiot. A post-racial America may be the worst thing ever for Obama’s re-election chances, and may be the worst thing ever for the Demographic Party (paging Dr. Freud…).

I had a conversation with a nice guy named Kevin Jackson recently, and he told that it was his mission in life to end identity politics. My response was, “You do realize that is a mission to end the Democrat Party, right?”. What a position for the Dems to find themselves in to have to say that a black guy can be judged by the same standards as a white guy, and then for President Obama to pull the opposite of a Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson stole home, but President Obama can’t even promise you will still have yours.

We do live a post-racial America. We live in an America where gay marriage is the new civil rights movement, and where the 1% is an economic class attacked with the rhetorical fervor on par with any racial attack in the same timeframe (People are not turning fire hoses on the rich, yet.). This is the ultimate problem. President Obama’s physical race is mixed, but he identifies as black, and that is his right. But his true race, his true demographic?

Progressive Liberal Democrat.

Isn’t that the point of racial equality, to judge a man by his results, and not his physical characteristics? And that’s the race he has to win. His supporters want to see more angry black guy at the next debate. That’s the problem. That’s all they see when they look at him.

Update: America re-elected the Angry Black Guy, and if the liberal left is to be believed, we re-elected him because too many minorities refuse to vote for a Rich White Guy. Too many Angry Minorities. Who’s racist again? The TEA Party, of course.

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