Strength Through Weakness!

Read the Bible
Newsweek is also known as The Daily Beast. It’s a Book of Revelation!

We have won in the free market of ideas. Don’t you feel better?

In honor of President Obama’s “second coming” (Thank you, Newsweek),

I feel that I should offer some congratulations. It seems to be all the rage these days, so here goes. Congratulations, boss, you just managed to redraw the intellectual battlefield, then break the rules of the new one, and you are receiving accolades for it. Well done. My compliments.

I gave Mitt Romney way too much credit in this campaign, because I wanted him to win, and I wanted Progressivism to lose. Some of my praise might have been party loyalty, and some might have been the honest belief that pretty much anybody would be a better Commander in Chief. The latter remains true even today. To his credit, however, I must offer the Mittster this: he clearly articulated a more hopeful, optimistic, and prosperous America than did Barack Obama. And the American people’s response? So what.

This was puzzling to many of us on the right, since those things used to win elections as recently as 2008. That President Obama won running against these things is sort of like when CERN discovered particles that travel faster than light. It flew in the face of traditional political physics. So what was it that won people over so, if not the strength of the President’s ideas? And why is the left so emboldened to gut the Republican Party like they were field-dressing a fresh kill (which was not killed with a gun)?

The answer lies in the weakness of the President’s campaign. Never has there been a more mafioso-style hit job on a more decent human being than the bleeding of Romney’s blue blood. Hell, Axelrod even looks like a consigliere!

That mustache is epic!
Making us an offer we should have refused..

When the President’s campaign realized they would have to run away from their first term record as much as they would have to run against Mitt, their strategy revealed some awful political chemistry.

First, the Presdient can lie, and the media will run with it like Usain Bolt. Especially MSDNC. Do you have any idea how empowering this is? You even have Tom Brokaw running with the whole “GOP is racist” construct. Not only that, but the bigger the lie, the better! (I think Joseph Goebbels said something along those lines). When the government borrows 46 cents of every single dollar, and the media carries the notion that the spending is not the problem and we need a “balanced approach”, you know the Era of Merit has officially ended in the media. For example, did you know…

1. The economy is back?

2. President Obama is not a big spender?

3. President Obama has been more than concilliatory to the GOP in fiscal negotiations?

The President ran for re-election with an economy in shambles, record numbers of welfare recipients, and a social safety net that is barely holding itself together. The President’s position? These are not my fault, there is no problem with spending, and we are doing just fine. The President didn’t even argue the merits of his Presidency, he just ginned up fear about a Romney Presidency. This spectre was somehow more horrifying than reality, which for those of us who still pay taxes, is more than baffling.

The upshot is small, but there is an upshot. The Republican Party’s new mission is simple and direct. We must link Obama and the Progressives with the loss of prosperity, and we must pray that they still care. It’s time to be honest with each other about something, however: it is the idea that you can throw out fact after fact after fact about the state of this country, and the Acolytes will continue their worship that bothers us so. This should not be. We are no longer dealing in the realm of rationale and logic, we are dealing with brainwashing. Government, to them, is the gun that guarantees their cash flows. Obama is the God of their religion.

And we have become a nation of bitter clingers.

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