The ‘Rights’ of Illegal Immigrants versus the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

In 2010 Barack Obama was embroiled in a battle with the diminutive albeit feisty Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer.  The bone of contention between the two was the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, otherwise known as Arizona Senate Bill 1070.

The bill was Arizona’s attempt to enforce the rule of law in a state being invaded and overrun by illegal immigrants from Mexico. Arizona’s hope was to stem the tide of unlawful entry by giving police the authority to enforce the “show me your papers” provision of the bill by requesting proof of citizenship from individuals they suspect might be in Arizona illegally.

In response to the controversy, Barack Obama went berserk.  The president interpreted the state of Arizona’s solicitation of identification from those “who … quote, unquote look like illegal immigrants,” as a singling out of minorities, which is virtually identical to the argument the left used to oppose the idea of making identification a voting requirement during the 2012 election cycle.

Nonetheless, every chance he got, the president argued that asking a dodgy-looking person for identification was tantamount to racial discrimination.  Mr. Obama’s contention was that individuals shouldn’t be singled out for how they look, how they speak, or whether or not it appears they’re breaking the law.

According to that sort of  logic, even if Hispanic-looking, non-English-speaking persons were seen loading “Fast and Furious” assault weapons provided by Eric Holder himself into a van owned by gun smugglers, or carrying a severed head in a bowling bag, it would still be blatant discrimination to ask them to produce proper credentials.

Although opposed to the immigration law in its entirety, Barack Obama seemed especially troubled about safeguarding the sensibilities of phantom law-abiding Latin-Americans whom he claimed could have been living legally for generations in Arizona since before it was a state.

Always the pragmatist, Mr. Obama repeatedly warned America that the potential was there for law enforcement officials to pester people enjoying ice cream cones with their children in Arizona’s ice cream parlors.  The president cautioned that if innocent eaters of ice cream happened to forget their paperwork and then were spotted by a police officer, harassment was sure to follow.

The president’s persistent opposition to the Arizona immigration law has made his duplicity on the matter of ignoring lawbreakers while insisting upon identifying the lawful all the more perplexing.

How come, when it comes to the Second Amendment, Barack Obama and his administration seem just as determined to impose universal background checks upon law-abiding gun owners as they are to insist that lawbreaking illegals be excused from having to present ID to Arizona law enforcement?

Over the last 48 months the president has, on more than one occasion, proven to be apathetic at best, and even willing to fight to maintain the confidentiality of undocumented aliens.  Yet, currently he is pressing hard to create records that would document law-abiding gun owners for exercising their Constitutional “right to keep and bear arms.”

Attempting to catalog the reported 47% of U.S. households who have a gun hidden deep in the recesses of a basement or a closet is quite an undertaking, especially for someone who justifies granting amnesty to illegals on the premise that it’s impossible to locate millions of people “living in the shadows.”

In addition, Barack Obama is also the man who, when speaking about unjust immigration laws, once said that “In the United States of America, no law-abiding person — be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico — should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like.”

Judging from the content of that statement, the president apparently believes that if the topic is illegal immigration, “visitors or tourists from Mexico” should be exempt from racial profiling or interrogation.  But on the other hand, if it’s gun control we’re talking about, a suspicious president is more than comfortable profiling law-abiding citizens simply because they own a gun.

Therefore, based on his illogical choice of what to emphasize and what to disregard, it should be difficult for even Obama’s most ardent supporters to ignore that on the subject of immigration law and gun control, this guy is hopelessly misguided.

Quite frankly, if there’s one around, a brave patriot should pull the president aside and respectfully inform him that statistically speaking, the odds of finding an illegal alien in an Arizona ice cream parlor are a whole helluva lot more probable than finding any of the 300 million guns currently in the possession of peaceable citizens being utilized for criminal purposes.

Realism aside, Barack Obama remains resolute in his conviction to deprive Americans of the Constitutional right to protect their personhood, liberty, property, and loved ones – in some cases from the very illegal aliens he continues to defend.  Moreover, for someone so opposed to pinpointing persons residing in America illegally, he certainly is unwavering in his campaign to identify and track every gun and gun owner dwelling compliantly within our nation’s borders.

Since past performance is oftentimes an indication of future behavior, it might be fair to say that President Obama, while simultaneously protecting the non-existent rights of illegal immigrants, will likely continue to oppose fair-minded immigration laws in the state of Arizona and elsewhere.

Hence it is clear that the President of the United States doesn’t give a damn about controlling the border, controlling those who illegally cross over the border, or stopping those who do make it across from finding their way to the poll place on Election Day.

However, when it comes to the Constitutional rights of gun owners, Barack Obama, by way of executive fiat, appears to be champing at the bit to curtail the right of America’s citizens to keep and bear arms.

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