We Are Not All Equal – Get Over It

The early buzz is that Leon Panetta is lifting the ban on women serving in combat. Until now, women were performing their various military jobs such as medics, military police and intelligence officers that were sometimes attached to units on the front lines. They were not assigned there formally. But the ever even-steven Democrats and ACLU want to change all that. They want the women serving in fox holes and the war torn mountains of Afghanistan, right alongside the men.

A female Marine, Capt. Katie Petronio, spoke out against this move in the summer of 2012. She described her physical limitations in an honest and dignified way. She talked about fatigue and muscle atrophy setting in faster than the male Marines when taking part in grueling training. Kudos to her for being honest and saying what should be said:

We are not all equal.

According to Dr. James Dobson, men are 50% stronger than women. Is it a design flaw? Possibly. But, it is what it is. Other physical differences for women – aside from the obvious – include larger stomachs, kidneys, livers, and appendixes; but our lungs are smaller.

We are different and I, for one, want to know why it’s so wrong to celebrate our differences! I’m thrilled that I can bear a baby and my male counter part can’t. That’s awesome!

So go ahead and open up front line positions to women – as long as these positions are filled by the non typical woman who is physically capable of more than the average female. By no means should the requirements be altered in any way to accommodate the women applicants. In other words, there should never be a women’s tee on the front lines. If they can hack it, fine. But this mother does not want her son serving alongside a fellow soldier, airmen or Marine who can not keep up.

I intend to celebrate the differences between the sexes – so should you.

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