We The Families

We, the people.

At the forefront of American politics today is a people so strong and so fanatical they spend all their time neck deep in the trenches. They fight daily the wave of media that leans strongly to the left. They fight an education system that wants to transform immature minds into a tolerant, universal group hug. They are willing to answer the toughest questions by the most persistent groups desperate for truth and clarity.  Minds strong, beliefs unwavering, backbone as stiff as they come and mostly dismissed, but who are these people?

We, the families of faith and we have circled our wagons.

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We aren’t seen much as we shuttle kids into Sunday school classes, cook our dinners, speed up and down the grocery store aisles or catch up on our reading in-between dance or soccer practices, but we are where it really matters in the political field. We are with our children, the beneficiaries of the world we create, and we are teaching, molding and guiding. We don’t believe in a man’s promise of change, we create that change within our homes walls.

We may be stirring a pot of grub to sling on the table for dinner time, but we know very clearly the real pot that is being stirred and served to our family. It is a pot rich in lowering standards, riding on other people’s successes and devaluing life. It is bubbling over with promises that are impossible to fill, because we believe in truth. We are choosing not to dish that up to our family even when they are hungry. We don’t even have the ingredients for it.

We embrace that we will not be bent by society and we will not give them power over our homes. We see the war you are starting with our children and we are capable of doing battle. We may not be raising a riot, because we are too busy raising our children.

The media constantly trickles into our homes and into the most influential ears, but we filter because we understand the need for discretion and mature understanding. We watch you scream about blame and how we must sacrifice our rights to be safe, yet we are teaching our little ones to stand up to bullies and never except blame that is not theirs to own. We are diligently watching from the battlefield, circling our children and will sacrificially deflect the flimsy morals that they are bombarded with. We see your mass media scare tactics, but we feel no fear. Our true faith and strength is in One greater.

We are watching you shirk the burden and shift the blame of personal, financial and moral responsibility; while we are teaching owning your mistakes and honesty. We watch you cater and tailor your beliefs to whoever best serves your agenda; while we teach that one must be steadfast even if persecuted. We observe the movement of sometimes a life is an inconvenience and a mistake; while we are teaching that life is a blessing and a miracle.

Every now and then, there is an act that so goes against the grain of our “Family Of Faith,” that you do see us. You see us gathered in support of a man who declared his belief on a Biblical marriage and faced extreme intolerance. You see us buying ribbon or paint that we didn’t really need because an organization stood against the force that told them they had to compromise on their beliefs. “They” gather to protest the injustice of the moment, but “We” gather to protect enduring fundamental values of generations.

You may not ever see us much in a group, but don’t mistake circled wagons for weakness or lack of passion. These Families of Faith are willing to fight every minute for truth, freedom and patriotism. I’m not just a mom, I am preparing a generation equipped to win your war.

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