What Difference Does it Really Make?

During her Senate hearing on Capitol Hill, Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton angrily dismissed inquiry about the relationship between the “anti-muslim” YouTube video and the Benghazi attacks.  When Senator Johnson dared to ask her if the attacks were terroristic in nature or merely a “spontaneous response” to the YouTube video, Clinton became uncontrollably indignant with the Senator, shouting, “What difference does it make?”  Now that memorable line from her petulant temper tantrum is a new hashtag on Twitter.  Check it out.

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake that we crucified Romney when he was right and called it an act of terror

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if 4 Americans would still be alive

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if absolutely no political leader is ever held responsible for doing absolutely anything

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake that Hillary Clinton is secretary of state – apparently none at all

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if you can’t have a 20oz soda in the greatest city in the world; but FLOTUS can have 3,000 calorie lunches

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if 50,000,000 Americans are on food stamps

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake “If I put my arms around those grieving parents… and lied to their faces”

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if Americans can’t trust their government

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if this is pretty much the epitome of everything liberals believe about America

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake if last week it was “If it saves one life.”  This week: What difference does it make

Not unlike Colonel Jessup on the witness stand in A Few Good Men, Mrs. Clinton seemed to be anxiously chomping at the bit to admit the truth – the truth that all the Washington elites know, but don’t   “talk about at parties.”  And with the same scorn for Senator Johnson that Colonel Jessup had for Lietenant Kaffee, Clinton loses her cool and exposes the heart, the motives, and the disdain of this administration with four little words:

“What difference does it make?!!!”

The truth is revealed.  Americans – neither public servants nor civilians – should dare to question this administration.  We should not doubt their integrity or second-guess their intentions.

When four Americans are dead, we shouldn’t inquire what caused their death…what difference does it make?

When 30 Americans who were saved from the riots in Benghazi are inaccessible for questioning…what difference does it make?

When we know more about Manti Te’o’s non-existent girlfriend in 2 days than we did about the attack on our American embassy after 2 months…what difference does it make?

When the President changes his version about the events surrounding the embassy attack halfway through the presidential campaign, and the media maintains their usual lack of curiosity…what difference does it make?

This is the world we live in.  The 60’s radicals who once marched the streets and shouted, “Speak truth to power,” are now in the position of power and burying the truth.

Don’t question, don’t doubt, don’t second-guess.  After all, what difference does it really make?

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