Boehner Tells Senate To ‘Get Off Its ASS!’

Obama is launching a government strike against America … that’s exactly what all this sequester “the sky is falling” disaster campaign and road-show is all about. The Communisty organizer is just another union thug manipulating each and everyone of us with these traitorous games of politics. Who picked these very specific “results” of the sequester? He did … and why? So he could do EXACTLY what he’s doing now … getting ready to call out for a national strike to “convince” us Constitution-loving, flag-waving, gun-toting bible-clingers just how critical Facism is.

Hey you … Boo-Hoo Boner, Weeper of the House … do the GOP–that Group Of Pussies–a favor:  shut the hell up, walk away, and let Obeyme the O-hole fall on his face and fail. The charade is over. The House controls spending, the House has all the cards. Begin by cutting ALL Federal departments 10% across the board except for Defense—which is, may I remind you, the ONLY reason for the Federal government in the first place! And, if the Senate doesn’t like it, don’t release ANY funds for ANYthing.

Then, when we don’t all starve, when planes don’t collide mid-air, when the sky doesn’t fall, when terrorists don’t invade, when our children aren’t set aflame, when the seas don’t boil over, when the locusts don’t eat all our crops, when it becomes clear yet again that Obeyme has perpetuated another fraud on the American people, get the military to haul his sorry skanky socialist ass out of the people’s house … with him following right behind her.

Boehner Tells Senate to ‘Get Off Its Ass’

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