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See how the libtard brain works, folks? “Duh … if I gets me a gubmint job … uhm … and I own a gun … uhm … hey uhm … I must be’s a COP… yeah, that’s it … I’m a cop … and since I got me two jobs now … uh … I gots to get twice the pay.”

If bus drivers are paid as cops who carry guns, should riders who carry guns be paid as the state’s military militia?  Does any State want to pay ME more because if I conceal carry I just might save someone’s life some day? Hell no … nor would I expect it.

The same laws should apply to everyone.  Period.  The thought of union goons with guns is pretty scary, but as with all law-abiding citizens, they should have the same rights and requirements.  But extra pay? Nice try, laggards.  Just shut the hell up and drive the damn bus.

Chicago Union: Let Us Carry Guns, Get Paid Like Cops


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