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Chips, Dip and Super Bowl Sleaze

Watching the Super Bowl with my seven sillies has evolved into its own high contact sport. Faster than a cornerback and with greater agility than a wide receiver, I frequently find myself leaping across the family room to retrieve the remote control only to fumble it just as the GoDaddy.com commercial comes to an end. Once again, my family has been blindsided by some sleazy overpriced advertisement.

Why, during what has become the most watched sporting event of the year, do the NFL and CBS continually expose my family to the overtly sexed up ads and indecent commercials? It’s not only irresponsible, it’s insulting that parents must keep the remote within arms’ reach so that we can beat the clock before our children are exposed to the sleaze.

I would love the freedom to sit and enjoy the overhyped multi-million dollar commercials without having to shield my sons’ eyes from indecently dressed women or plug their ears when crass jokes are made. Thankfully my children have grown accustomed to mom’s commercial commentating, so much so that even my three year old now shouts, “That’s inappropriate!” when a scantily dressed woman appears on the screen.

Apparently I’m not the only American who hates what’s become of the Super Bowl. Trending on Twitter at on @Beyonce are hundreds of viewers calling Beyonce’s show slutty and “nothing more than a stripper routine.”

While I didn’t watch the performance live, I did review it after the game to see for myself what all the fuss was. Truthfully, my Facebook page was lighting up with nothing but love for the former Destiny’s Child’s performance. But all I saw was a talented artist compromising her artistry and her beauty for the sake of the “sex sells” society. Let’s face it, had Beyonce gone on stage fully clothed and without the overdone gyrations, discussions about her performance would not be monopolizing social media tonight.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of Beyonce’s performance is that while she tries to portray herself as a role model for young girls, she has done nothing to help them understand that they are more than their bodies. Her performance was a sell-out to the sex industry and a lost opportunity to show little girls what true beauty is.

So what does it say about our culture that Beyonce has to perform like a hooker to be praised, and commercials like GoDaddy.com must show oddly paired couples sucking face to sell their products? Nothing that we don’t already know. The virtues of modesty and decency have all but been abandoned by our culture, only to be replaced by crassness, debauchery and depravity.

Will I watch the Super Bowl next year? Since I’ve been a football fanatic for as long as I can remember, the chances are that I will. But I will do so with more vigilance, keeping the remote control ever closer to the chest and benching the raunchy halftime show.

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