Gender Mess in Massachusetts

What do you get when the cries for tolerance crescendo into screams for accommodation? Just ask the parents of Massachusetts public schools students.

The Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester has issued orders to the state’s K-12 public schools requiring them to permit “transgender” boys and girls to use the opposite sex’s locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing facilities as long as they claim to identify with that gender.

Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester
Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester

Described as “the most thorough, invasive, and radical transgender initiative ever seen on a statewide level,” the eleven page document was crafted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) with the assistance of homosexual and transgender advocacy groups, while leaving many parents and pro-family groups out in the cold.

This policy places an even greater burden on less-equipped elementary schools in Massachusetts small towns where it may be possible for boys as old as 14 to share toilet facilities with girls as young as five.

Astonishingly, neither a doctor’s note nor parental permission is required for a student to use the facilities of the opposite sex. Only the student’s word is needed:

If a boy says he’s a girl, as far as the schools are concerned, he’s a girl.

“A school should accept a student’s assertion of his or her gender identity when there is … ‘evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held as part of a person’s core identity,” said a spokesperson for the Massachusetts DESE.

Perhaps the most alarming piece of the policy is the lack of protection given to straight students. Those students who object to sharing bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with the opposite sex may be subject to punishment under the state’s new “anti-bullying” law, which, like the new school policy, was written with the help of homosexual and transgender activist groups.

So, for the 12 year old girl who might be a bit uncomfortable with sharing her locker room with a 14 year old boy, there is no line of recourse. The message from the DESE is clear and unyielding – accept the new policy or face the consequences of punishment and the shame of being labeled a bully.

As a mom of both boys and girls, I can tell you that for the sake of my children and for the protection of their innocence, my children would immediately be pulled from public school until this radical policy was pulled from the books.

While a great deal of empathy is shown to the sexually confused student, virtually no protection or advocacy is given to the young girl whose dignity is shattered when she must relieve herself or worse yet shower with a teenage boy who with anyone’s guess has just decided that day to explore feminine thought. The DESE goes out of its way to accommodate transgendered students while threatening to slap a bullying charge on any student expressing discomfort with the new open-locker room policy. Who’s the bully now?

Having opened a can of worms with this radical policy, it’s just a matter of time before the stench of Massachusetts’ political correctness filters into outlying policies. The deviance that is perpetrated under this guise of so-called “tolerance” knows no bounds. What of the male teacher who identifies with the other sex? Will he be given a free pass to enter the girls’ restroom? What of the boy who just for kicks wants to associate with girls in the privacy of their shower room and so claims to identify with a girl?

Like the frog in the boiling water, this slow unraveling of societal norms will eventually lead to even more intrusive laws which harshly punish those who may disagree. Parents must speak out now before the room for protest and dissension is constricted by the PC police. If they fail to stop this infringement of our children’s privacy, we can expect to see this policy adopted on a broader scale state-wide and then, nationwide.

Allow the words of President Lincoln to serve as a rallying cry to protect our kids, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

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