Life is so simple, it’s complicated!

LifeLife is so simple, it’s complicated, by Kevin Jackson

The passing of another St. Valentine’s Day got me to think about relationships. In the old days you were either in a relationship or you weren’t. It was that simple. I say it still is. We humans just know how to complicate things.

There are categories of relationships, like married, engaged, separated, single, widow, and widower, but these still just state the obvious…in or out. There is a new category I find intriguing, as it speaks to the nature of man, and it’s the category called, “It’s complicated.”

Quantum physics is complicated. Understanding the human genome is complicated. But relationships are not complicated…unless you complicate it.

If you are married, for example, and you introduce somebody else into your “status,” then it is you who have complicated things.

Admittedly, with all the categories of gender, it can get complicated. Gay, straight, bi-sexual, Lesbian, transgender (I’m sure I missed something), who knows what kind of relationship you are in. It can get complicated, I suspect.

Or maybe it’s just that humans learn how to complicate things. As children we begin as very simple beings. Things are black and white, cut and dry. For a child, a person is either good or bad, for example, and it’s based on observation.

So when your child approaches you after seeing a man take a little boy roughly by the arm and chastise him, she says, “Mommy, that man is mean,” you have been programmed to give the man a break.

Oh Sweetie, he’s not mean, he’s just having a bad day.”

As it turns out, your child has observed that man come from behind the gym with lots of little boys, who all were crying and pulling up their pants.

Holy Sandusky, who knew the coach was a pedophile?!

Your child knew, that’s who! The uncomplicated one.

Parents, with the help of society, complicate kids. Parents teach kids to stop observing, so the kids will eventually grow up to be unobservant drones, incapable of critical thinking. Ripe for wolves; political wolves that is.

Politicians love our evolution from brilliance to buffoonery. They rely on our nonsensical transition from common sense to political correctness to get elected, and to keep their cushy jobs until they die. The good politicians are masterful at getting us to debate the inane, for example the notion of whether or not you can protect your life by whatever means necessary.

Politicians have cleverly converted an innate reptilian idea of protecting oneself, to whether or not you can do so to the nth degree. Does protecting your life or the life of the ones you love have limits? Politicians say yes.

For politicians, guns are too effective in protecting oneself. Some guns are simply too mean-spirited, and politicians call these weapons “assault” weapons. These weapons need magazines, but some magazines can be too BIG for personal protection. So politicians try to convince us that we should limit the size of the magazine, because it can hold too many tiny protectors known as bullets. So mean-spirited assault weapons with too-big magazines full of tiny protectors are now a menace to society.

You might wish to use your weapon to protect your space, your things, your sovereign territory of you. If someone approaches you too fast in public or violates what you consider to be your personal space, you back up a bit (hand on your Glock) and look strangely at them. “Hey, back up just a hair there, Cyrano.”  When someone encroaches on your home, you feel much the same. If someone walks up to your front door, and you don’t recognize them, you approach the door cautiously (hand on Glock), and inquire, “What are you doing, what do they want?”

Doesn’t the same thing that applies to your personal space and your home, apply to your country?

Politicians take a simple concept of personal space, and convince you that it’s complicated. They mock the 14th Amendment, using their legalese to turn what is simply trespassing into a discussion of “immigration.”

Politicians have done the same for the definition of lazy.

In the old days, if you could work and you didn’t, you were lazy. It can’t get any simpler than that.

Men were willing to do any job, and not take something for nothing, unless desperate. But we have allowed politicians to redefine what work is, and America now pays its shiftless and lazy to do nothing. It’s now really simple: politicians condone thievery.

Meanwhile, America’s hardest workers are the most penalized by a tax system so complex, even God needs an accountant to figure it out.

We live in “complicatingly” simple times.

We have a president who speaks of transparency, while exposing nothing. A time where it seems the most incompetent are placed in the most coveted and important positions. We have a president who, as a Senator complained about the debt, calling it a menace to society. But as president, he see no problem in adding $6T+ more debt. His excuse: he now says he didn’t know then what he knows now, and that…it’s complicated. Like St. Valentine’s Day.

In a time when women are considered equal to men, it is men who are mostly on the hook for St. Valentine’s Day. We scurry around like sprayed roaches trying to outdo some Adonis in a commercial who has gone all out for his runway model mate. Women 1, men 0.

Or have men really won? Because now instead of being on the hook to do something great in a relationship every day, we just have to be stellar one day a year?

Life is so simple, it’s complicated…by us!

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