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Ohio Bill Would Prohibit Firearm Seizure…


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The Buckeye State has joined the ever growing list of states that are willing to stand up to unconstitutional federal infringements on the 2nd Amendment.  Ohio Senator Kris Jordan has introduced a bill that would prohibit firearms seizures, registration and bans in Ohio.

SB 36 was introduced on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 with Senator Tim Schaffer listed as a Cosponsor.  In addition to prohibiting the seizure of any firearm from any person who is lawfully in possession or control of a firearm, the bill also  prohibits forced gun registration and includes first degree felony charges to any law enforcement officer (state or federal) or international agent who attempts to enforce a firearm registration or firearm ban.

“These law abiding Ohioans are not the ones to be scared of, rather it is the politicians who say it is their goal to disarm “Mr. and Mrs. America” that we should fear”, said Senator Jordan in reference to remarks made by US Senator Diane Feinstein in a 1995 interview on 60 Minutes.

SB 36 is expected to receive strong support in the Republican controlled Ohio General Assembly and eventually make its way to the desk of Republican Governor John Kasich.  A signature would certainly be expected at this point given Governor Kasich’s recent comments regarding the 2nd Amendment:

“I’m a Second Amendment supporter and that’s not going to change. There are a range of issues at play here involving mental health, school security and a culture that at times fails to reject the glorification of violence that can desensitize us to the sanctity and majesty of life. Going forward, we need to pay close attention to what the experts conclude from this incident in order to see if there are lessons to be learned and applied here in Ohio”.

The Ohio Tenth Amendment Center is urging all Ohioans to contact their state Representative and Senator as well as Governor Kasich to encourage them to support legislation that protects and preserves the 2nd Amendment.  In addition, we encourage you to contact Senator Jordan to thank him for standing up for the 2nd Amendment.

To keep track of this important bill  join our 2nd Amendment Ohio group on Facebook by clicking  HERE.


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