Prayer Breakfast Wake-Up Call for Obama

Until this morning’s prayer breakfast, the average American may have never heard of Dr. Ben Carson. The Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian award in the United States – Dr. Carson’s life is a celebration of personal triumph in the face of adversity.

Raised by a single mother in the Detroit inner city, Ben Carson became accustomed to seeing young black men shot and killed in the ghetto streets. This violent childhood was instrumental in forming a strong sense of life’s fragility that would later shape Dr. Carson’s conviction of the sanctity of life. And that conviction would make him one of the medical field’s greatest advocates for the unborn.

But even if many Americans had never heard of Dr. Carson, after this morning, it is unlikely that President Obama will ever forget him. While sitting just one person removed from the podium where Dr. Carson spoke, President Obama was subjected to an abject repudiation of everything upon which he has built his authoritarian presidency.

President Obama seeks to divide Americans–pitting race against race, creed against creed, lower class against the rich. Dr. Carson, however, stood before the president as a fellow black man, wearing the battle scars of racism and poverty, and challenged the President to a worldview dual in which God, not government, has the final authority. Carson retells his story of being discriminated against, mocked and cast aside in the public school system. Yet, he holds no grudge. Instead he tells of a faith that brought him through such difficulties and a determination that helped him rise above adversity.

While President Obama makes an art form of silencing those with whom he disagrees, particularly vilifying Americans who exercise their Second Amendment rights and those who stand up to the infringement of their First Amendment rights, Dr. Carson excoriates the elites’ political correctness as it seeks to muzzle dissention.

“One of the founding principles of this country was freedom of thought and freedom of expression…Political Correctness keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this country falls apart.”

While President Obama works to relegate our national history to the proverbial trash bin in his effort to transform our foundational principles, Dr. Carson – a man of slavery dissent – spoke passionately of his great love for this nation. He didn’t use his podium to recount America’s faults or give a litany of her past transgressions. Instead, Dr. Carson, with gratitude and appreciation, told the story of a young boy who through tenacity and fortitude lifted himself out of poverty to become one of the nation’s premiere pediatric neurosurgeons. Dr. Carson’s story gives credence to the power of the American spirit while it testifies against the victimhood and class envy that is the staple of the Obama presidency.

While President Obama has blamed everyone else for every misstep, mistake and mishap, Dr Carson spoke of taking charge and taking personal responsibility for our lives.

“Don’t accept excuses; people will stop giving them and start looking for solutions.”

In other words, Mr. President grow up and start acting like the leader you were elected to be.

While the president continues to seek higher taxes and unbridled spending policies, Dr. Carson spoke of America’s inevitable self-destruction if neither spending, taxes nor government regulation are brought under control. “Remember what our real responsibilities are so that we can solve our problems.”

While the President draws on role models such as Alinsky and Marx to develop his tax policies, Dr. Carson points to God and the Bible. “When I pick up my Bible, I see the fairest individual in the Universe, God, and he’s given us a system. It’s called tithe.” And perhaps the most brutal chastisement of the President’s spread-the-wealth policies comes when Dr. Carson exclaims, “Where does it say that we have to hurt a billionaire for them to pay their fair share?”

By this point of Dr. Carson’s speech, Obama was half-asleep, probably tired from a late night of partying with his Hollywood groupies. But if he wasn’t asleep, then he probably wishes he had been, because the last five minutes of Dr. Carson’s speech was the intellectual destruction of Obamacare, healthcare beauracracy and Death Panels.

Dr. Carson demonstrated real bravery today as he went into the lion’s den and spoke truth to power. But for a man who has overcome every imaginable obstacle and has gone on to perform literal miracles in the operating room, today was probably small peas. Still, for those of us on the outside of Washington, who often feel that our voice is not heard, we celebrate that through Dr. Carson our voice was heard.

God bless you Dr. Carson for being the courageous voice of the silent majority – freedom-loving Americans.

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