Rubio Thinks Rove’s Anti-Tea Party PAC Is A “Good Idea”



I wrote about Karl Rove’s new Conservative Victory Project PAC, which has taken aim at truly conservative liberty minded Tea Party candidates. Now Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) looks like he has his eye on a presidential run in 2016, even though his eligibility for that office is in question, and he’s given a high five to Rove’s anti-Tea Party PAC calling it a “good idea.”

When asked directly if Rubio thought that Roves’ Conservative Victory Project is a good idea, Rubio responded, “Yes.”

Rubio’s Senate race was helped by Karl Rove at a crucial time, so should we expect anything less than him to endorse Rove’s PAC? I don’t think so. Rubio said that the Tea Party and the Conservative Victory Project “have a place in American politics.”

“I think the concern that people have is that somehow people in Washington in the Beltway are going to decide that someone can’t get elected,” he told CBN’s David Brody. “That’s the argument they used against me and I don’t believe that’s Karl Rove’s intention but I think the concern that people have is that people from Washington are going to come in and decide ‘so and so is unelectable, somebody else is more electable, we have to go with them’ and I think that’s a valid concern. There have been some candidates that have been nominated that have not done well in the general-election stage.”

However,one of the interesting things about what Rubio said was, “There have been some candidates that have been nominated that have not done well in the General Election stage. Perhaps we need to do a better job working through that to ensure that doesn’t happen in the future. But I also think we have to be very careful that we’re not discouraging grassroots types candidates from running because often times they get elected and do a pretty good job.”

He did not touch on the very candidates the Republican party put up this past election cycle, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Apparently they didn’t do well enough to turn out their base, but Rubio saw fit not to deal with that and neither did Rove.

“We’re all on the same team. We’re all working for the same goal,” Rubio said. “I think we need to take a deep breath and understand that at the end what we all want is to elect the most conservative people possible to come up here, fight to defend the Constitution, protect our liberties and move our country forward.”

Now hang on to your hats. The statement he just said is not true. Let me demonstrate. Senator Marco Rubio voted for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. This specifically would allow for American citizens and those on American soil, who are supposed to be treated equally under the law and given due process that is protected under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. My fellow Americans, he not only voted for it, but then completely misrepresented it in his justification of his vote.

Furthermore, US District Court Judge Katherine Forrest issued a permanent block on the NDAA and her questioning of the Obama administration as to whether they were actually using this currently indicated that they were doing so.

Obama had indicated that he would veto the legislation because of Sections 1021 and 1023 which provide for the indefinite detention and denial of due process simply for allegations, without evidence, that one is a terrorist. He signed the law, claiming that he would not abuse that power.

Forrest’s block barely made it through a weekend before Obama’s attorney’s petitioned US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier to order a stay against the injunction of Forrest, which he granted.

Rubio also supported the GOP nominee Mitt Romney who openly said he would have signed the 2012 NDAA as written and his vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan who voted for the NDAA.

That is not the goal of “fight(ing) to defend the Constitution, protect(ing) our liberties.” It is the exact opposite. This is only one issue. The issue of rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship is another that we are facing now and Rubio is pushing legislation that even Barack Obama approves of on that issue.

I understand there can be no perfect candidate, but my goodness, we should be endorsing people that can at least affirm to uphold their oath and yes, I understand Barack Obama is bad news. That is not an excuse to let people who claim to be on the side of the Constitution, who wear an “R” on their jersey, trample upon it.

Finally, keep in mind what he teaches in a politics class. Joel McDurmon of American Vision News reports in an article titled Rubio Blows His Conservative Cover:

Rubio still teaches a class at Florida International University, and one recent morning he was telling his students—almost all Hispanic immigrants or children of immigrants—how politics really works. His topic was the Florida House of Representatives, and he didn’t need notes to explain why the legislative body he once led is so partisan and polarized. “If you know the only way to lose your seat is to get out-conservatived in a primary, you’ll never let anyone get to your right,” Rubio said. He’s clearly a political animal. “I’m not telling you this is how it should be,” he said with a grin. “But it’s how it is. This isn’t a good-government class. This is a politics class.

Rubio’s detractors, and even some admirers, suggest that his career so far has been less about good government than politics and self-promotion. His autobiography recounts virtually no substantive achievements beyond a hometown tree-planting project. In the class, he devoted much of his time to recounting the machinations that persuaded his colleagues to elect him speaker: “You raise money for them. You befriend them. You make sure your kids are friends with their kids. And then you cut the best deal you can.” He didn’t mention that the deal he reportedly cut to secure North Florida support for his candidacy revised funding formulas at the expense of his South Florida constituents. . . .

Rubio’s endorsement of Rove’s PAC, which takes aim at true conservatives, should be an indicator of what he is really about and I suggest that if Republicans want conservatives to achieve victory, they start putting up true Constitutional conservatives.

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