Super-Sized Americans Need the Choice of Fewer Fries

graphic-politics-casssunsteinBeing in the weight loss business, it was only natural that one of my employees sent me this article( to read for consideration to put up at my business web site or business FB page.  So, I looked it over quickly, getting the general gist of it, but then … it wasn’t until I got all the way to the bottom that I saw who the author was:  CASS SUNSTEIN!   Remember him?  So with that, I went through the entire article again, reading it more closely.  And, in the second paragraph from the bottom I saw the following:

“Another reason is the increasing practice, often undertaken voluntarily and eventually to be required by the Affordable Care Act, of posting calorie counts on menus.”

Did you get that?  ” … eventually to be REQUIRED by the Affordable Care Act, of posting calorie counts on menus.”  I don’t know about any of you, but this is the very first time I have heard that anywhere!

Gee … I wonder if the millions of mom-and-pop diners, restaurants, cafes and delis;  along with the finer dining establishments, chain restaurants, fast-food franchises; etc. and so forth, all across this country know about THAT!  Wait until THAT comes out, and THEY have to pay for all new menus.

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Guess we bible-clinging, gun-toting, astro-turfing, tea-bagging, Nazi racist, KKK-ers just have to keep on reading that ObeymeCare bill to keep finding out what’s in it.



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