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Super-Sized Americans Need the Choice of Fewer Fries

graphic-politics-casssunsteinBeing in the weight loss business, it was only natural that one of my employees sent me this article(http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-12/super-sized-americans-need-the-choice-of-fewer-fries.html) to read for consideration to put up at my business web site or business FB page.  So, I looked it over quickly, getting the general gist of it, but then … it wasn’t until I got all the way to the bottom that I saw who the author was:  CASS SUNSTEIN!   Remember him?  So with that, I went through the entire article again, reading it more closely.  And, in the second paragraph from the bottom I saw the following:

“Another reason is the increasing practice, often undertaken voluntarily and eventually to be required by the Affordable Care Act, of posting calorie counts on menus.”

Did you get that?  ” … eventually to be REQUIRED by the Affordable Care Act, of posting calorie counts on menus.”  I don’t know about any of you, but this is the very first time I have heard that anywhere!

Gee … I wonder if the millions of mom-and-pop diners, restaurants, cafes and delis;  along with the finer dining establishments, chain restaurants, fast-food franchises; etc. and so forth, all across this country know about THAT!  Wait until THAT comes out, and THEY have to pay for all new menus.

Guess we bible-clinging, gun-toting, astro-turfing, tea-bagging, Nazi racist, KKK-ers just have to keep on reading that ObeymeCare bill to keep finding out what’s in it.


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