The Rainbow Badge

A pamphlet came home from school the other day in the hands of the 1st grade boy. He excitedly showed me pictures of little boys wearing backpacks going on a grand adventure. He described how he heard all about camping trips, canoeing and how to survive in the great wilderness. Boy Scouts of America is the dream of every boy that has ever swung from a tree or done an archaeological dig in the sandbox.

The organization pictures scream out a siren song to everything that is “boy.” As much as I would love to see him and his brothers involved in high adventure and badge pinning ceremonies, I can’t allow them to quote the pledge anymore. Mainly because most of the words would have to be omitted in order to be truthful to the Organizations’ direction. Especially “God” which is almost a dirty word these days and means you hate people.

Scout Oath: On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

This is not about turning my boys into homophobic little minions. I have never forbiddden them from playing with dolls or being a stand-in princess at a sister’s tea party. I don’t cringe when they wear pink, but I probably would draw the line of them donning a tutu for school just because it would make swinging from the monkey bars difficult. My boys are wanna-be football players and war heroes. They would be downright insulted if their Pack Leader focused more on the sewing technique and color coordination of their knees socks. They would want a badge they earned pinned directly to their bare little chests in a menacing growl and whoop.

They don’t have time for any namby-pamby-group-feel-good hugs. You better high five or fist bump them and make it sting. They will not be joining the Boy Scouts of America to fulfill boy geared adventures because, somehow the definition of being a morally straight man has been jacked up just like the rest of this country’s agendas of pleasing everyone and satisfying no one.

Why have we gotten to the point that people are targeting a Christian organization and forcing them to put their Christian morals aside for the good of teaching tolerance? Why are we cowing down to a government who no longer values The One and so we are no longer allowed to value The One? The Boy Scouts stated in 2012…

“While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA. Scouting believes same-sex attraction should be introduced and discussed outside of its program with parents, caregivers, or spiritual advisers, at the appropriate time and in the right setting. The vast majority of parents we serve value this right and do not sign their children up for Scouting for it to introduce or discuss, in any way, these topics. The BSA is a voluntary, private organization that sets policies that are best for the organization. The BSA welcomes all who share its beliefs but does not criticize or condemn those who wish to follow a different path.”

It’s almost unheard of these days for an organization to state that they believe that same-sex relationships should be discussed within the home. This is why the policy didn’t need to be changed…

“The Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs were designed to meet the emotional, psychological, physical, and other needs of boys between the ages of 8 and 14.” (BSA response to why girls are not allowed)

The truth is that many of these needs of our boys are not being met inside the home. Dad may not be within the family walls anymore. Mom may just not have the right “boy” words to say. Boys see the brochure of the river rafting and think “that’s what I want to do!” Then while they are rafting and helping little old ladies across the street they are being taught values, esteem, and morals.

But whose morals are they going to be taught now?

It certainly can’t be guaranteed now that the values are the same as they were in the early 1900s. As was stated above, most parents seek out the Scouts to help train and raise up their boys by a Christian Conservative leader that shares the values and morals that they desire their children to model. We, Christian Conservatives, are having to bend over and kneel down to allow others’ morals to not be infringed. Everyone should have equal privileges and we have to all be tolerant and cut from the same cloth in our uniqueness.

When we are forced by the government to blur our religious views so that no person is excluded, we have all but lost our club. The Boy Scouts is not saying that a homosexual youth would be excluded from building a campfire or selling some candy door to door. What they are wanting to say is that the leaders, the ones who are helping mold impressionable young boys, need to have strong morals and values that align with the mission statement of the Oath of the Scouts. Strong Christian men who will model and provide for the emotional, psychological, etc. needs of boys.

It’s why the Scouts was created. It’s why it has persevered.

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