The Segregated SOTU Sympathy Sky Box

The most infuriating thing about the ‘Fat Tuesday’ State of the Union address was not the fact that bespectacled Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who is under investigation for having sex with underage prostitutes, was milling around in the crowd as if nothing is going on, or having to tolerate seeing elected officials act like hormonal teenagers grabbing at the President like he was Justin Bieber working a velvet rope line.

It wasn’t the president’s predictable left-wing drivel, or seeing a comatose Ruth Bader Ginsburg being propped up on either side by John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy.

The most unnerving part of the event took place in the SOTU Sympathy Sky Box. As first lady Michelle got a standing ovation for God knows what, it was apparent that the gallery was packed with a diverse group of people there only because their stories supported the president’s anti-gun, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-woman, green ribbon-wearing, big-spending agenda.

Sitting up in the nosebleed section was biology/medical school student/illegal alien/DREAM Act-er Alan Aleman who, rather than hide from the INS, was out in the open to boost positive amnesty energy. Also in the balcony was the exuberant Amanda McMillan, who was smiling like crazy.  Apparently no one told Ms. McMillian that, had she been working for Barack Obama, who notoriously pays his female staffers $11K less than his male staffers, the president she was clapping for would have been the defendant in her fair-pay lawsuit.

There was a nurse from NYU Langone Medical Center named Menchu de Luna Lopez.  Menchu was invited because during Super Storm Sandy, which Obama attributes to global warming, the dedicated nurse helped save 20 at-risk infants who, had it been a few hours or days earlier, Obama would have had no problem aborting.

There was a 12-year-old healthy cook, a Sikh temple shooting first responder, a first grade teacher from Sandy Hook, an Apple CEO, an amputee soldier, and Gabby Giffords, who the camera repeatedly zoomed in on as she valiantly attempted to clap.  But the most disturbing VIPs were Nathaniel A. Pendleton Sr. and Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, nestled in just to the right of Michelle’s pricey Jason Wu.

Nate and Cleo are the bereaved parents of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old girl shot to death in a gang-related shooting.  After finding out that the band majorette who had performed at her husband’s inaugural had been shot to death with a handgun, shameless opportunist Michelle Obama found the time to fly to the Kenwood section of Chicago to attend Hadiya’s funeral.

Based on the expressions on their faces, Nathaniel, but more specifically Cleo, was shockingly composed as she chatted it up with the first lady, especially since four days prior her child was placed in a coffin and laid to rest in Cedar Park Cemetery in Riverdale, Illinois.

And while there is no doubt that the devastated parents were truly grief-stricken, one can’t help but wonder why they agreed to allow the death of their daughter to be used as a political chess piece in a game played by a president who, one week from now, will have a hard time remembering how to pronounce Hadiya’s name.

More than anyone, Cleopatra and Nathaniel, who live in Chicago, a city with some of the toughest gun laws in the country, should be well aware that assisting Barack Obama in his mission to restrict the Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” could not have stopped their daughter from being shot in the back by a gangbanger while chatting with friends in Vivian Gordon Harsh park.

Nonetheless, if Obama was trying to expose the pervasive problem of gun violence by dragging out the heartbroken family of this precious little girl, then why didn’t he also invite other families?

For instance, why wasn’t Taya Kyle invited to sit on the other side of Michelle Obama?  Taya is the widow of Chris Kyle, Chief Petty Officer and member of Navy SEAL Team 3, who was also shot in the back by a lone gunman four days after Hadiya’s death.  Not only was Taya not invited to the State of the Union, neither the President nor the first lady felt compelled to attend Chris’s highly publicized Texas funeral.

After sending a note of condolence to be read to Heavy D’s 11-year-old daughter Xea at the rapper’s funeral after he died of a pulmonary embolism in 2011, one would think Obama would acknowledge a highly decorated patriot like Chris Kyle, or at least send a comforting note to Kyle’s two children, “Bubba” and “Baby Girl.”

In addition to Taya, Barack Obama could have also requested the honor of the presence of Jaime Zapata’s and Brian Terry’s parents.  After all, the Zapata and Terry families would probably love to hear Barack Obama publicly explain why his administration put high-powered rifles into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels who then turned those guns on their sons.

That is why, based on the limited guest list, it’s clear that Barack Obama only showcases people who support his progressive agenda.  If that’s not the case then why weren’t the Americans from Philadelphia, who the New Black Panther intimidated when they tried to vote in 2008, sitting next to the 102-year-old longsuffering but determined voter, Desiline Victor?

Where were the pro-life Americans who, much like Menchu de Luna Lopez, work every day to save the lives of babies, regardless of the weather?  Why weren’t underpaid female presidential aides sitting next to Amanda McMillan in support of equal pay for women? Or the family of Robert Krentz of Arizona, who was shot to death by an illegal alien while tending the family ranch offered seats adjacent to Alan ‘Amnesty’ Aleman’s?

All that, especially the absence of both Chris Kyle’s widow and the parents of the border guard and the immigration agent killed with guns provided compliments of the US Justice Department, proves that Cleo and Nathaniel’s appearance in the SOTU Sympathy Sky Box was more about politics than it was about Hadiya.

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