Warning: This Will Get Your Blood Boiling



We’ve all heard about the free Obama phones.  A friend was recently looking for a part-time work and found this listing on Craig’s List [note: the “DMV” refers to DC, Maryland, Virginia]:

Street Teams & Leaders Earn $500-$2000 A Week (DMV Area)

Thank You for responding to our ad. Let us reassure you that if you are looking for an exciting opportunity you have found it here. We are a major telecommunications provider who has been tasked with the distribution of the FREE LIFELINE government cell phone program.What is it?
This is a federally funded program that gives people a FREE cell phone and 250 minutes of talk/1000 texts a month, free too. The customer does not pay anything for the phone or the minutes program. You would sign up these individuals using an Android cell phone or tablet as well as an iPad and receive a commission on qualified applicants. The sign-up process takes about 3-4 minutes for each application.
When can I do this?
One of the fantastic opportunities about this job is that you can do it anytime you want. This position is available part time as well as full time. It could be great for moms when the kids are at school, or someone who wants to make extra money. However for the person who is extremely motivated and wants to make real money the full-time opportunity is here right now.
Where can I do this? Agents can go and do these activations anywhere they want. Of course we have some suggestions and in some markets our Team Leaders will be placing agents at specific locations. Here are examples of where our team has had excellent results:
Medicaid facilities, social service facilities, food stamp office, head start programs, domestic violence housing, unemployment offices, VA hospitals, outreach clinics, churches, soup kitchens, shelters, supermarkets, fairs and carnivals.
So, not only are taxpayers funding free cell phones, we’re also paying for street teams to hawk them at hospitals, soup kitchens, carnivals and shelters.  Apparently a cell phone is now a basic essential, like food, water and shelter, that is so necessary for a person’s survival it must be provided for those who can’t afford it.  What’s next?  An Obama car?  An Obama computer?  An Obama iPad?  An Obama Espresso machine?  I better stop.  I don’t want to give them any ideas.
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