Generational Wisdom

I have little doubt the stable will fail soon. Many owners are upset about how things are run and it’s only a matter of time before they move their horses elsewhere.

Needless to say, Fanny has retired to our home pasture.

The second, and by far most frightening arrogance, is the young people who are blindly following the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. Their promises of free stuff and entitlements, especially to those who haven’t experienced much of life, are appealing.

Obama’s 2008 mantra: Change. Yup – higher taxes, bigger government involvement – all the change these young folks can muster.

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If they stop it now, they will have years ahead of them to recover from this impending economic doom that we are heading toward. But at my age, I’ll be one of those little old ladies who ask if you’d like to biggie size your order.

When I was a twenty-something, I didn’t want to hear that many, not all, forty and fifty-somethings knew more about many things. I didn’t want to face the fact that their twenty or thirty years of wisdom was worth noting. But I did try to listen, even if only with half an ear.

My grandparents shared their Great Depression stories with me. My husband parents talked about food rations in England during WWII. My mother taught me how to save my change and keep it for a rainy day. She showed me how to stretch a pound of ground beef into two meals instead of just one. At the time, I politely listened. Now, I take their wisdom to heart. Their wisdom, coupled with my own, has made me a lot smarter about a lot of things.

I don’t intend to sound righteous. I hope I never close my heart to the wisdom of those who have lived through things that I have only read about. I pray their words resonate in my heart and soul and make me a better person because of them.

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