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My, my, my … continued corruption and crime in ‘down low’ Shitcago.  Who would a thunk it, ay?  If Obama had a son, there’s a good chance he’d look like the skanks that took these buses.

To all you low information ObamaPhone voters, follow along with me for a second … I’ll go slow … this is how it is:

Ya see, in addition to the usual killing and chilling, pimping and ho-ing, and b-boys banging their 10 baby-mammas … when unemployment [that’s when people don’t work] is high in minority communities [those are places where you don’t see white people], theft [that’s when you take stuff that doesn’t belong to you] goes through the roof [that’s the top of your crib or your jail cell].  And unemployment in minority communities has grown “exponentially” under your main man, The One The Only The O-hole. I wish I could take the time to explain that “exponentially” concept to you in greater detail, but I’m running a little short on crayons.

8 school buses stolen in Chicago, shredded into big pile of scrap

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