A Patriot Speaks the Truth

By Brooke McGowan

Tea Party-minded, constitutionally-grounded patriots must capitalize on the momentum RIGHT NOW!

The opportunity for unity is at our fingertips. We have a choice: Squander it, or embrace it and ACT!

With his 13-hour filibuster, Senator Rand Paul, likely not intentionally, invigorated the people that have felt they have had no voice in the last few years. These bands of people consist of many different factions, who don’t necessarily agree on every detail, but who are neither extreme Leftists or the Old Guard Republicans.

We “folks in the middle” have aligned as Tea Party members, libertarians, and constitutional conservatives. But really we are simply American patriots. We have paid attention and realize that it’s more than drones on American soil that we have to contend with. The high information voters have heard the clarion call and time is of the essence.

The powers that be have done an amazing job of indoctrinating their worldview onto the masses.

The Left have “greased the skids” for so many years with the notion that the Constitution is an outdated, antiquated, moth-eaten document. Ask college students today about the Constitution and most will admit that they didn’t learn much of anything about it or the founding fathers in public school. That is deplorable!

Joe Biden recently said that people didn’t care about the Constitution anymore and Justice Ginsberg also indicated that it was not an important enough document for any other country to emulate.

What we better not do is allow the media to marginalize the effort of Senator Paul, or any band of people who want to keep government in check.

The other day we demanded to know, “Can the President kill a noncombatant on American soil?” Who determines who is a noncombatant? Do we not remember the infamous “kill list” of the Nobel Peace prize winner, or the report by the DHS that names veterans, pro-life activists, homeschoolers and those who dare place Ron Paul bumper sticker on their vehicles as possible domestic terrorists? For the MSM and the Old Guard to portray Paul’s filibuster as silly antics is a slap in the face of the majority of Americans.

We have seen many states legislate that no drones will be allowed in their airspace. This should be a no-brainer, but yet it will take another rise of the states to keep the federal government in their place. Make your voice heard daily with social media, as you have the power to create a powerful voice.

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