Affirmative Action – Liberals Helping the Lesser Race

affirmative-actionIn the time of a black POTUS and FLOTUS the idea that we are still discussing Affirmative Action is hysterical. Yet SCOTUS will hear cases from Michigan and Texas challenging the Affirmative Action.

Anybody with a brain knows that Affirmative Action has run its course. Only the race-baiting poverty pimps or the morbidly insane would consider otherwise. Don’t let the reality of blacks in colleges all over the country everywhere–yes even in the SEC–get in the way of race-baiting and continuing the Leftist meme:

“Black people are too stupid to do things on their own.” – Liberal Meme

Holy George Wallace, just ask a Liberal WHEN should Affirmative Action go away, and they just give you a brain-dead, empty-eyed stare, and drool like a Mastiff.

Racist white Liberals NEVER want Affirmative Action to go away, because it’s a reminder that they are BETTER THAN BLACK PEOPLE. If racist white Liberals are constantly “helping” black people, they get to feel better about nothing–a favorite Liberal pastime. And stupid black Liberals are all too happy to help Liberals assuage their guilt, because black Liberals like to bully. The race card is the best way to bully when you have no other skillset…thanks to guilty white racist Liberals.

Liberals dumb down the job pool intentionally. By creating stupid people, Liberals create more opportunity for THEIR “chirrens”…you know, the kids who go to the top prep schools, like Horace Mann or The Brearly School and others. Note to press: Instead of studying the demographics of the Tea Party, try counting the black faces at these prestigious academic institutions of the rich, white, racist Left.

Then there are those mean Republicans who keep preaching about equal OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcome. The Republicans actually expect black people to earn it. Because earning something tends to build character, and you also tend to take better care of what you earn. Let’s push Affirmative Merit.


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