America Needs a Good Cup of Tea

I posted earlier about those two old gas bags, and I’ve been stewing over their remarks ever since.  Graham and McCain  really are two POS–Pathetic Old Souls. Even if they truly felt the way they spoke, they just couldn’t keep their pie holes closed. Even in this otherwise grand moment, this rallying moment for conservatives and Tea Party loyalists, they had to show their disdain and true colors.

Every single RIN-Old fart who has loooooooooooong overstayed his welcome and usefulness needs to be replaced either by resignation or removal at the ballot box.

Then, they need to be moved into ‘assisted living’ facilities—because, let’s face it, without the long-term addiction to the government perks and paychecks, and with no skills to do anything else EXCEPT disregard their oaths and their constituents over and over again, they’re GOING to need ‘ASSISTANCE’ in the normal day-to-day tasks of life of ordinary citizens—where they can be helped into their jammies and slippers and nice comfy seats with blankets across their laps, positioned in front of televisions in the activity rooms where they can watch REAL CONSERVATIVES, patriotic, Constitution-loving conservatives, on a 24/7 loop, as they sip on nice warm cups of STFU.

What America needs is a good cup of TEA.

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