Obama the Buzz-Kill

Before Rasmussen’s latest poll was up, I discussed on my radio show that many Americans no longer feel that they are living the American Dream or even have a chance at it.

This is what it takes to destroy a civilization…lower its morale and expectations. When the president of the country only claim to fame is destroying communities he organizes and growing the welfare rolls and he is celebrated, you get an idea of the state of the nation.

The good news is that true Conservatives don’t believe you can destroy the American Spirit that created the American Dream. But we are losing ground every year. According to Rasmussen who performed a national telephone survey, just 27% of American Adults now say it is possible for anyone in the country to work hard and get rich, a percentage that has been fairly steady since late 2012. Fifty-nine percent (59%) say that getting rich from hard work is no longer possible, up from 55% in late January and the highest level of pessimism in over four years of surveying.  Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.

I’d say America needs some adrenaline, but don’t expect it from buzz-kill Obama.

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