Angry McCain ups ante, calls Paul, Cruz ‘wacko birds’

Here we go again … that has-been John McCain referred to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, et al—the Tea Party-backed GOP-ers—as “wacko birds.”  Unfortunately, the dementia-induced diarrhea of the mouth didn’t stop there; no, no, no.  He then referred to them as “those people” when he said that their views “are not reflective of the views of the majority of Republicans.”  This, coming from someone who’s not only been living off the taxpayers for over 30 years and who has never had a real job, McCain and “the majority of Republicans” is part of the problem, and a majority of Republicans ARE the poster children for term limits.  DAMN RIGHT the views of “those people” are not reflective of the majority of the GOP–those Grand Old Pussies.  “Those people’s” views ARE reflective of what they SHOULD be … the views of the Founding Fathers of this nation.

The old guard are only guarding the status quo. Our interests, and adherence to the Constitution, means very little to them in comparison to their own power.

I sure as hell hope that Sarah Palin moves into that house she bought in Arizona as soon as possible, establishes residency there, and in 2016 kicks the crap out of John McCain and buries him under that progressive rock from which he crawled.

Angry McCain ups ante, calls Paul, Cruz “wacko birds”

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