Are You Pro-CHILD?

Forever Families - Pro-child 1AThe Black Sphere team is changing the battle tactics for the Pro-Life movement. We tried calling the Left, Pro-Abortion, and that didn’t stick. They quickly adopted Pro-Choice. That was clever on their part, because it created an internal dissonance with anybody who was not pro-choice, but not in the “baby” sense.

We are ALL pro-choice. You choose what shoes to wear, what you will eat, and you make thousands of choices every day. This is why inherently we know that we can’t make somebody choose to do anything, and that choice is your prerogative.

On the flip side, unless the Left are suicidal, they are pro-life, though not necessarily in the “baby” sense. Put my “assault weapon” to their heads, and they will beg for for their lives like Marvin Gaye in love.

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The point is we are all both pro-choice and pro-life. The question is,

“Are you pro-CHILD?”

Help us choose which bumper sticker to create, as we are launching, “It’s not pro-life, it’s not pro-choice…it’s pro-CHILD!” campaign this week.

Send a message to and let us know which one most resonates with you 1, 2, or 3.

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