Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from Armed Intruders

The Left would love to take our guns away and ridicules armed citizens as paranoid.

A rural Ellis County Texas homeowner used his firearms to ward off 2 teenage home invaders Wednesday. There was an exchange of rounds and it appears that, rather than be apprehended alive, both young men ended the face-off with self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

“The homeowner was hit. There’s multiple rounds through his house,” said Lt. James Saulter of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department. “Actually, one of them went through the side, and is above the bed in the master bedroom.”

“Our sheriff is always letting homeowners know to arm themselves. This is one of the reasons why,” he [Lt. Saulter] said. “Sometimes it takes a while for us to get out this far, and they have to take care of it themselves.”

“They were in fear for their lives, their house was being broken into, the suspects were armed,” Saulter added. “Early indications are everything was justified.”

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