They Say Sarah Palin is Stupid?

angry-ashley-juddAshley Judd will apparently run for Senate against Mitch McConnell. And why not? Democrats have proven their love for talentless neophytes to run for offices bigger than their britches.

Look at Hillary Clinton, whose political experience was riding the coattails of her husband. NY elected that carper-bagging Senator because she could handle affairs. Hillary’s fame is built on a philandering husband, which is the political equivalent of a Hollywood ingenue’s sex tape.

What of the admittedly “not ready for the job” Barrack Obama? He told Liberals he wasn’t ready, and they ushered him in like Cleopatra. Those political eunuchs were waiting to promote the light-skinned black guy who could be maneuvered like honeymoon night for an 11-year old Muslim bride.

And then there is Judd who has additional credibility with the Democrats: The woman is mentally weird. She travels around with a dog, her likely  choice for chief of staff, or at the very least press secretary.

Politics has become so stupid that even a caveman can do it. Judd fits right in there for Liberals who would clear the field of challengers to allow Judd a chance to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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