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Assault Rifle Ban Proponent Buys an AR-15

A Lesson in the hypocrisy of the Left

The Second Amendment has been under attack for decades, but the battle has intensified within the last couple years. And one semi-famous personality testifying in favor of assault weapons bans is former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly.

Kelly, a former astronaut, has undoubtably helped his wife through a life-altering event, and must understandably possess a fervor to stop such future crimes. When testifying, Mr. Kelly emphasizes the ability of the mentally ill and criminal element to purchase guns. However, rather that focus on the institutionalizing of the extreme mental cases, and the incarceration of the criminals, his attention remains on the inanimate, amoral guns.

Mark Kelly bought a 1911 .45 and a used AR-15 at a gun store in Tucson, supposedly to prove that background checks are simple and fast.

But the fact remains that, while he spouts “assault weapons” ban dogma, he himself bought 2 guns, one of which is the target of said bans.

Conservatism is grounded on the Constitution and common sense. Progressivism/Socialism is bereft of any common sense and disdains our Constitution which seeks to reign in ever-increasing government intrusion.

Common sense would dictate stripping the criminal element of their rights: commit a crime or attempt to commit a crime–forfeit your Second Amendment rights. Period. Common sense would also acknowledge an armed populace comprised of Constitution-loving Patriots would make for a safer country.

Let’s face it: the AR-15 is not evil.

The person with evil intent is the offender, irrespective of the weapon they use.


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