Be Careful When You Buy Your Next Home

Share the dream in housingIt appears that the government may be relaxing the rules, when it comes to how realtors can sell properties. Caveat Emptor…Let the buyer beware.

The information came from a company that provides valuations for foreclosures, and it’s ominous in that they appear to say that in presenting the houses, don’t give the buyers the entire truth. You judge for yourself:

Notice and acknowledgement to all vendors:

In response to new legislation and client requirements, the following changes will be required for all valuations completed beginning March 20, 2013.

1. All photos of the subject property will require a date stamp.

2. The use of the following subject terms/phrases, are expressly prohibited in any of the narrative sections of the valuation:

pride of ownership lack of pride of ownership

poor/undesirable neighborhood

unpopular/poor school district

high crime area crime ridden area

low or moderate income neighborhood

affluent/desirable neighborhood high unemployment

Thank you for working with……

In other words, all properties must be considered EQUAL

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