Bill Gates Wants Obama to have More Power

obamas_power_is_ignorance_zps4ec16616Bill Gates commented recently that some days he wishes Obama had more power so he could end the deadlock [on funding the country].  That just shows you that being rich doesn’t necessarily make you smart.

Bill Gates doesn’t understand that Obama has the chance to HAVE more power by becoming one of the PEOPLE!

Gates credits Obama with excellent education initiatives, yet from this vantage point Obama has merely put more money into a failing system, and he comfortably presides over the dumbest America in history, bar none. Gates did give Bush credit for PERFAR, the Bush policy in Africa that saved millions of lives, a little known FACT for which Bush gets no credit, so perhaps Gates is not a total waste. Before you go getting “Chris Matthews” with the tingle up your leg, know that Gates is one of the people who is for Death Panels. The irony here is Gates wants to save Africans, but is OK with killing old or broken-down Americans.

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