Black Conservatives Scare the Left

allenwestMy good friend Marie Stroughter, a member of African-American Conservatives was asked to discuss conservative blacks in politics, and as always, the Left call us tokens, Step-n-Fetchits, Uncle Toms and so on.

I am often asked what it’s like to be a black Conservative, and I find the subject interesting, in that there is interest. I don’t think of myself as a black conservative, but a Conservative who happens to be black. If I were white, I’m sure I’d be accused of being a Democrat, aka in the KKK (note the humor), because I would be just as vocal. It’s about HUMAN rights, and Conservatives seem too willing to give up theirs.

We are discussing gun-control, but there is a reason guns are the 2nd amendment and free speech is the 1st. White Conservatives have ceded their free speech, but most black Conservatives have not. It is for this reason Allen West said that Liberals fear black Conservatives. They cannot lynch us anymore, though I’m sure they would like to.

Check out Marie’s blog on the issue, and you can catch the segment here.

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