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EVERYONE in my life knows I love and have profound reverence and respect for our military, but this time … sorry … I just gotta say it:  This guy should have his colors ripped off his chest.  If this man tells one of his subordinates that global warming is the greatest threat, do they have to salute and say “Yes, SIR!?”

Gee … ya think he’s bucking for a Cabinet post? Or, perhaps he’s already promised The One The Only The O-Hole that he will order his forces to fire upon unarmed Americans, when given the command to do so.

Hey, FLEET Commander, ya think North Korea dumping the 60 year old armistice just days ago might be more important than global warming? You’re an ass … and I say that with all due respect … SIR.

Commander of US Pacific Forces: “Global Warming is Our Top Threat”

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