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Daryl Hannah Blames Liberalism for her Lack of Work

Now this is a funny turn of events, when a Hollyweirdo says she can’t get work because she’s LIBERAL! Memo to Daryl Hannah: You can’t get work because you SUCK AS AN ACTRESS!

I bet Hannah longs for the days of white presidents, when even the talentless hordes could get work. I knew Hollywood would wake up and start retiring some of these no-talent buffoons, and the creek done rose.

For years we were told that Daryl Hannah and her ilk are beautiful and talented. I find her to be neither. I’m not saying she’s ugly, but she is nowhere near the beauty queen we were sold. And now she can’t get work, because Hollywood has done what it does to all non-talent ingenues…it eventually throws them under the bus, Betty Davis eyes and all.

Daryl had her day in the sun in Wall Street, when she was Charlie Sheen’s girlfriend…WINNING! But her days in the sun are over, and she is about to join the ranks of the great unwashed.

There is the hope that Hollywood has tired of its actors turning their make-believe lives into politics. Perhaps Hollywood has tired of paying outrageous salaries to hacks who believe they can do better in a role than real life creates. Either way, WE WIN!

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