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So the guy put in charge to fix Detroit’s finance and tax problems has his own tax problems, with liens on his own house.  And not only did he say he didn’t know he had liens on his home, the issue didn’t come to light in any of the vetting that was done before his appointment.  Comforting all around, wouldn’t you say?

Now … I don’t know what the figure is today, but last year I wrote about how federal workers owed $1 BILLION in back taxes.  No doubt, it’s worse today.  Obeyme’s SS troops over at the IRS should investigate every democratic official (ALL officials, for that matter), and all Federal workers and start garnishing their wages until every dime has been paid back to the Treasury.

Want to bet they’ll find enough money to pay full college tuition and medical benefits for life for every soldier when he’s left the field of battle, and STILL have enough left over to keep those White House tours going?

Detroit’s emergency manager has tax liens on his Maryland home

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