Detroit’s Newest Crook – It’s official!

Kwame-Kilpatrick-guilty-of-racketeering Surprise surprise, son of a former member of the Congressional Black Caucus found guilty.

It only took five months and a lot of taxpayer money that Detroit doesn’t have, but a federal jury in the Eastern District of Michigan convicted a high-ranking Democratic political leader in Detroit, Mich., on Monday. The jury took 14 days to deliberate, likely because jury duty is the best-paying job in Detroit these days.

The Democrat scoundrel in question is former Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick. He and Bobby W. Ferguson, also of Detroit, were convicted on federal charges, as it was alleged that they used Kwame Kilpatrick’s positions as mayor of Detroit and Michigan State House Representative to perpetrate a racketeering conspiracy involving extortion, bribery, and fraud.

The 42-year-old Kwame’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick, 70, of Detroit, was also convicted of a felony tax offense in a separate trial.

Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of 24 counts of extortion, mail fraud, tax violations, and racketeering, Bobby Ferguson was convicted on nine counts of extortion and racketeering, all in an attempt to enrich themselves. The sad part about all this is this is what black leadership in the urban indoctrination center (cities) do. They enrich themselves on the backs of other poor blacks.

Instead of building Detroit back to its once magnificent splendor, these thieves decided to take advantage of an already wretched situation in their get richer quicker scheme. In Kilpatrick’s case, he was running on the coattails of his Congresswoman Mother, and he had all but been ordained the next Prince of Thieves.

Are you seeing a pattern here, Jesse Jr?

Two other co-defendants Victor Mercado, former director of the City of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, and Derrick Miller, former chief administrative officer of the City of Detroit, were also indicted as being part of the criminal conspiracy, and both government officials pleaded guilty to their roles and are awaiting sentencing.


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