DHS Sec. Janet A. Napolitano Says to Trust Her: The Border Is Secure

On Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet A. Napolitano, announced that the border was “as secure as ever.”

She added the caveat that there is no way to prove her border security assertion. With at least 11 million illegal aliens residing in the US, one wonders what the meaning of “secure” is. Ms. Napolitano stated that her department has yet to develop metrics for determining the exact condition of the border, so she obviously cannot, with any certainty, support her pronouncement of a secure border.

It would appear the DHS Sec suffers from heightened wishful thinking. And this as legislators begin the gigantic task of comprehensive Immigration reform debate, with most Democrats supporting Dream Act-like reform that would regularize the 11 million or so already squatting on US property. Build the fence already, Janet!

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