Feinstein Compares Assault Weapons to Child Pornography

Just when you thought Dianne Feinstein had reached the pinnacle of lunacy, she climbs even higher!

The whacky senator has now suggested that “assault weapons” are similar to child pornography: neither should be protected by the Constitution, according to Feinstein. The leap in logic from criminal and heinous child pornography to a Second Amendment right only seems reasonable in the mind of gun grabbers with little or no knowledge of the Bill of Rights and the background in which they were written.

Never mind that in the days following the Revolution the wide-spread understanding of “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” was that the average, law-abiding American should have access to the same firearms as the standardized army. The people were to be thus armed to forestall governmental tyranny–from within our borders or without!

See the exchange below…sit down first and please don’t have any pitchforks in hand! Feinstein and Leahy’s behavior is so boorish and unbecoming, you may be tempted to a non-premeditated response!



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