History Teacher Schools McCain

Senator John McCain ridiculed Rand Paul and his filibuster last week calling him a “Wacko-Bird”

The repercussions have echoed from shore to shore as patriotic Americans everywhere applaud Rand and tweet #StandWithRand.

Here is just one such response, an open letter to Senator McCain from History teacher,”SF Teach”.

We are taught history, or I as well as many other history teachers have said a thousand times before, because “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” It seems that either you do not know history, or choose to ignore it for your own political reasons. As a teacher, I must say your recent comments in regards to Rand Paul are disturbing. Your thoughtlessness and fecklessness in regards to Rand Paul’s attempt to protect American rights shows an utter disregard for the realities and lessons of history.

Within democratic and parliamentary governments freedom is taken away slowly, piece by piece. Many Armenians in the Ottoman Empire thought that the legislations they were seeing were just what the Young Turks claimed. Unfortunately for them, the Young Turks continued to pass laws, first gun registration, then gun control and then confiscation. It ended in Genocide. Gun control laws were used to disarm the Armenians before killing them, not for the reasons the government claimed. Laws can be used however, and to be historically truthful, politicians are the most amoral demographic to ever exist in history. It is either utter ignorance on your part to claim Paul’s stand was “ridiculous,” or you would like to have the same leeway to abuse the people you were sworn to protect. I would hope you are just ignorant.

Forcing the Administration to say un-equivocally that killing American’s by drone without due process on American soil is both unconstitutional and that they would not do it was very important. The fact that it took a filibuster should be a massive red flag, a flag that you choose not see because of the relationship you wish to develop with the president. Maybe you should take a look back at a real Republican Calvin Coolidge, would he care about having dinner with an individual who insults, degrades and abuses them? This president has certainly done that to you, is power worth your self-respect? Being in the most amoral demographic, I hoped you were special, yet you have proven yourself to have no self-respect, no scruples, dining at a fancy restaurant, hoping some of the presidents pop culture appeal might rub off on you, while real men and women make real stands. Your behavior is disgraceful, arrogant and ignorant. I think the only right thing left for you to do is retire. You are everything that is wrong in politics. Both Rand Paul and code pink agree, and I take joy in that, we saw some of the true American spirit during that filibuster, and all you saw was a threat to your power and influence. Do the moral thing, and leave politics.



SF Teach is a history teacher in SF California, an avid reader of Economics and History as well as pedagogy and a trained actor.

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