The Homeless Man Who Went Mad

In the new America, the homeless will NOT fend for themselves. Why bother, when we have a president who prides himself on adding to the Food Stamp rolls!

So when this homeless man in Houston decided to take matters into his own hands, he was made a criminal. How DARE he try to FEED HIMSELF, when there is a communist in the White House ready to give him a crib, a playstation, a gold grill, a car with spinning wheels…and let’s not forget that cell phone!

So our homeless man, known only KJ got something better. He got a TICKET! No big deal, except that KJ will not likely be able to PAY this ticket, so he will get a warrant issued for his arrest. And we all know how fun going the jail will be for KJ, where he will get discipline and three square meals.

KJ apparently violated the “Don’t feed the animals homeless ordinance,” an ordinance created by the tolerant, philanthropic Left. After all, KJ had the opportunity go wait in line somewhere for ObamaBuck, ObamaMeals, ObamaCare…and much ObamaLove.

KJ was trying to NOT burden the system, however he learned that extricating oneself from the system is not allow, and is PUNISHABLE in fact! That will teach him for being self-supportive and not succumbing to mandatory communism.


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