How Liberal Pseudo-Kindness is Killing America

Liberals apparently no longer have a problem with the evil European white man invading the pristine Americas and killing the red man with infectious diseases.

Either that or they’ve appointed themselves arbiters of a communicable-disease version of “What goes around comes around.” Of late, it seems the left’s goal is to have third-world types infect Americans with maladies long eradicated from within our borders.

Beginning in the late 1890s when the largest wave of immigration began, the United States took controlling disease at the nation’s borders very seriously. Although at the time bio-terrorism was unheard of, the realization of the detrimental impact infectious illness could have on America was a consideration not taken lightly.  Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

During the height of 19th century immigration, all émigrés were suspect of being disease carriers and were treated as such. Instead of burdening the system, endangering American citizens, and allowing people to enter the country who were of no benefit to our nation medically, economically, or socially, families were split up and potential earners sent home.

The medical screening “line” at Ellis Island included quarantining incoming ships and examining first- and second-class passengers. Then, upon docking, third-class passengers (also known as steerage) were transported by barge to Ellis Island, where “prospective immigrants” were directed through “passageways resembling cattle pens” and examined for serious and minor diseases.

At Ellis Island, “The PHS [United States Public Health Service] encouraged officers to spend as much time as necessary to make accurate diagnoses of those ‘turned off the line.’” Some newcomers were “confined, often for many months and sometimes years, in the isolation units in the southernmost wing of Ellis Island.”  Barring sickness and disease from entering our shores, as well as ensuring all those who immigrated here were documented, was a priority. Liberals today would likely interpret those criteria as America lacking empathy – which will likely be our demise.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and things have changed radically – but not for the better.  Liberal politicians have successfully forced our nation’s people to take a backseat to the DREAMs of those in our country illegally.  The left is so desperate to retain power that they portray illegals as noble pioneers whose value spoiled, xenophobic Americans, unwilling to share the spoils of our bounty, refuse to recognize.

Moreover, the sensibilities of foreign-born religions that consider America “the great Satan” are seriously considered, while America’s Judeo-Christian roots are mocked and subjugated to secularism.  That, in addition to the feelings and desires of illegals, many of whom are responsible for exposing our citizenry to things like anti-biotic resistant tuberculosis, leprosy, river blindness, malaria, guinea worm, small pox, hemorrhagic and dengue fever, pork tape worm and hepatitis B, have taken precedence over the health and well-being of the American people.

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